Low-Risk Sports Betting: Sports Betting Tips to Minimize Risks

by Ed Miller
24 Feb 2023

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

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Sports Betting Tips to Minimize Risks

Is there a zero-risk betting strategy that lets bettors ensure they do not lose anything and only make money? While a bettor cannot have a 100% guarantee of winning every time, several sports betting tips can give them more chances of sustaining a good bankroll and adding some dollars. Here is the risk-free betting strategy… four of them, to be more precise. 

Is It Possible to Win Bets at Sports Betting Every Time?

Reduce your expectations, not to zero, though. It is impossible to be the favorite child of Lady Fortuna daily. Still, sports betting is an entertainment sphere that does not make you rely entirely on luck. So, you also use your logic, add research to the whole picture, and consider solid facts that let you make informed moves and stay safe. 

It is realistic to win every time if you stick to a zero-risk betting strategy, but only if you remain diligent and minimize irrationality, emotions, and the luck factor. Also, the betting event choice lets you ensure you will win or lose. For example, you will win with a 100% guarantee when a strong team with great defense faces a team that needs more training and has never won. 

The following low-risk sports betting strategies do not guarantee you will win each bet easily. Still, they can help you maximize your profits and ensure you do not lose a cent more than you expect. Also, please remember that there might be additional risks beyond the sports betting activity. But still, here are some of the practiced options to try! 

➡️ Arbitrage

A simplified scheme of how arbitrage bets work
How to win at betting using the arbitrage strategy?

The so-called “sure” bets let you get at least something regardless of the outcome. That is when you research how several sportsbooks see the game’s finale. The predictions differ, and sportsbooks set different odds. That is when a bettor — called arber — can place two wagers on both teams and profit regardless of the outcome, relying on enhanced odds. 

How that works 

So, how to win at betting using the arbitrage strategy? Obviously, there are three outcomes: Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, and they finish with a draw. No alternative scenarios can occur. The idealized implied chances are: 

  • 40% — Team 1 wins 
  • 40% — Team 2 wins 
  • 20% — Draw happens. 

And one sportsbook believes that Team 1 has a 50% chance to win, while Team 2 has a 40% chance to win, and there is a 10% chance that the epic clash finishes with a draw. Another sportsbook favors Team 2 and thinks everything vice versa. 

The task of an arber is finding two sportsbooks with contradicting preferences for each team. Then, you place bets on different platforms to maximize the profit with odds, regardless of which team actually wins. 

That also means more research on sportsbooks than teams because an arber does not care who wins. They prioritize pinpointing fair gambling websites and bookies with enhanced odds and different opinions. 

Some bettors also prioritize finding mistakes in sportsbooks. Sometimes, a bookie might fail with odds and make them unrealistically profitable for bettors, which is the best scenario for an arber. 

Losing a bet (and much more) is still possible because…

Legit and licensed sportsbooks fight this (actually unfair) betting “behavior” by setting restrictions and limitations that do not let one gambler make solid profits. You should expect bet limits on tested and fair sportsbooks, which will decrease your chances of making a lot of money from each event. 

Another scenario is when they detect this activity and block your account, confiscating everything you have earned or claimed. You can use some unlicensed sportsbooks or find unpopular betting platforms because those tend to ignore such tactics, but… that is still a risk. 

Another risk is bet cancellation. Most jurisdictions allow bookmakers to cancel bets when a bookie finds an obvious calculation mistake. That is when you get to the starting point but in a worse position because you have already placed a wager on a team that can win or lose, meaning you take all the risks. Of course, you can stake again, but the odds will be different and, in most cases, much less profitable. 

Risk #3 arbitrage bettors may encounter is arbitrage disappearance. That is when the betting activity intensifies, and you have to hurry to place arb bets. As a rule, arbers have around ten minutes to succeed because the odds change drastically when the action starts. You take the regular sports betting risk when you do not act in time to ensure your zero-risk betting strategy works. 

A-a-and another thing to consider with arbitrages as a low-risk sports betting strategy is that you have a high risk of losing your account due to hacking/cracking activity. Suppose you have registered on multiple sportsbooks and given them sensitive information to ensure you get all your winnings. Hackers and crackers KNOW that such bettors are 100% certain about how they will win and can place $1000+ bets. Imagine winning and then noticing that your bank account loses all that and even more money. 

Some other risks are: 

  • Wager reviewals by sportsbooks. Many gambling websites and land-based entertainment hubs that work with sports betting might want to review your bets. That is because they may usually work with small wagers only, and everything over $500 seems suspicious. So, they take their time and chill, reviewing your bet manually while you tremble, waiting for it to be confirmed. Since you cannot determine if everything was accepted, placing another wager might be too late because the odds are now unprofitable after that site declines your bet. 
  • Mere mistakes because you are a human being. Arbitrage betting is exciting: yo, that is a surefire way to get more money without losing a cent; I’m so smart! A-a-and that is when your certainty blinds you, and you need more diligence in research. Please remember that you must stay cool to avoid mistakes. 

So, arbitrage betting is great (in theory). This risk-free betting strategy is risk-free for sports, but you can still face challenges that make it impossible to profit. 

➡️ Match Betting

NBA players 
Match betting

That is when you go for arbitrage betting using free betting systems, aka making the most of bonuses. As a rule, sportsbooks make tons of promos for the biggest betting events. Free bets, deposit boosts, and stellar reloads can get you extra money to bet on both outcomes and reap the winnings. 

Still, the mentioned risks are relevant. Plus, you have another risk factor, which is the wagering requirements. You must manage all those accounts properly, make your activity unnoticeable, and meet all the demands stated in the T&Cs to get what you have won. 

Hence, while matched betting eliminates the theoretical possibility of losing a bet, you still have additional challenges to overcome. 

➡️ Sticking to the Highest Probability Wagers

Someone holding a trophy
Hight win probability

That is a safer option when you merely follow the trend and focus on favorites with great offense and defense. For example, a new NBA event has a match where Cleveland Cavaliers play against Los Angeles Clippers — bruh, ofc the Cavaliers win. There is a 90% chance a team close to being elite will beat another team that needs some additional power in parallel with its optimism. 

Does that mean you should always bet on the favorite and neglect the underdog? This zero-risk betting strategy says “yes.” Will you make a lot of money betting on favorites only? No. 

The potential betting reward is always smaller when you bet on the favs. Furthermore, you often have to stake $200+ for a $100 win. So, this strategy is for those who are okay with a slow-paced bankroll improvement and are never lazy regarding research. So, your bet will not lose (most probably), but do not expect thousands as revenue. 

➡️ Stick to Total and Over/Unders

 A football player
Over/unders are safe bets

That is a beginner-friendly bet type that does not demand much from you. Placing a bet like this, bettors have to guess if the total number of points will be over or under the number a sportsbook determines. 

For example, a sportsbook says an upcoming match will have 100 points in total (aka Team 1 and Team 2 combined score 100 points). It does not matter if they score an equal amount of points. It is okay if Team 2 scores 70, Team 1 scores 30, and vice versa. Do not focus on their performance. Your task here is to predict if they will score more or less together. 

This unchallenging bet type will bring you okay profits if you research for an extra hour. Is this a risk-free betting strategy? No. But is the risk minimized, at least? Yes. 

Final Words

While arbitrages and matched betting are Neutral Evils in the spectrum, the high-probability wagers and Over/Unders are the lawful good picks. 

Please remember that an ideal risk-free betting strategy does not exist. You might find a good loophole to use and overuse, but you must still consider additional problems that might arise any second. 

Please also remember that sports betting is for fun. That is entertainment, and its money-making nature is secondary. Sometimes, risk-free betting strategies take away the entertainment component because you lose the thrill of the game and ignore factors that make bettors love sports betting. 

Before saying goodbyes, we highlight: ensure you consider all external risks. Stay safe, and may your favorite team win! 

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