Crypto Casino Software: Overview, Analysis, and the Best Providers

by Ed Miller
08 Dec 2022

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

сasino software: gambling analytics by ORDB
Casino software: gambling analytics by ORDB

Crypto gambling games are among the favorites because of their availability, various games offered, many bonuses and privileges. Furthermore, fast deposits and withdrawals make crypto gambling convenient entertainment! But what is the key thing about crypto casinos? Of course, the software — the crypto casino script combos — lets us enjoy the best crypto gambling games! So, today ORDB expertise focuses on software providers and their best games. 

Who Are Software Providers?

Software is a collection of programs and applications that provide online gambling services, support crypto casinos, ensure smooth operations, and so on. Software providers are coding masters and IT adepts who ensure you can play your fav crypto gambling game today.  

Nowadays, it is impossible to say who opened the first online casino. Two candidates are most often mentioned: a casino from a well-known service provider, Microgaming, and Gaming Club Casino InterCasino. 

The event helped to make sense of the gambling industry and gave a tremendous boost to the online segment. By 1997, the total profits of all types of online casino gambling reached $1 billion. By 2006, the amount was 10.6 billion! In 2020, the global online gambling industry was estimated at $66.7 billion, and experts predict further growth. By 2024, the figure could reach $92.9 billion.

The Role of Software in Casinos

Software is an indispensable part of online services, without which it is impossible to build a logical and safe gaming offer. For experts evaluating the effectiveness of online gambling platforms, the credibility of software providers is one of the important aspects. Its significance is equal to the diversity of the game collection or bridges for the deposit/withdrawal of funds. That is a kind of internal motor of the casino on which everything hangs.

The online casino software is responsible for the following attributes

  • Security, KYC (providing casino services to the user without the risk of losing funds, data, account hacking, and so on, verification and registration of verified accounts)
  • Casino algorithm and risk management (ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and absence of errors and deliberate failures)
  • Game content (slots, poker, live game, sports betting, etc., all game features on the platform)
  • Transaction monitoring, the input of payment systems in the casino (integration of deposit and withdrawal options to/from the platform, both in fiat and cryptocurrencies)
  • Server connection for hosting a crypto casino
  • Segmentation of casino players that ensures experience personalization
  • Running a demo version of the casino to test opportunities for players
  • Ensuring effective communication between the crypto casino guests and administration (online chat, email).

Any crypto casino has better software opportunities than conventional fiat ones because blockchain ensures more safety. Crypto casino software is also automatically better because such systems let gamblers remain 100% incognito!

Moreover, no crypto casino script can reveal information about a player; hence, everything stays confidential to the maximum, as no one can gather info to identify you. 

Why Be Attentive to the Provider?

As a crypto gambling enthusiast, you must remember several significatives that make a good crypto casino game. A provider’s logo can be the #1 sign if a crypto casino game is amazing or greedy. What can a provider’s brand tell you? 


As a rule, one software provider creates games with RTPs that stay approximately the same. For instance, a provider makes games with 97% RTP. You can expect their new game to have around 95-98% RTP. 


One crypto casino game provider might make games with different volatilities. Still, the game creator focuses on their target audience, and the latter is either soft gamers or high rollers. Hence, providers will make more games to meet their prioritized segment’s expectations. 

Suppose you are a gambling whale who stakes thousands and snatches all jackpots from crypto casinos. Of course, you want a provider who makes high-volatility games because those are super rewarding. 

Now, imagine you are a casual gambler who wants a speck of thrill but likes cool visuals and music more. Of course, your prioritized provider must make low-volatility games or offer balanced volatilities, at least. 

The controls 

Gamblers might get used to one control panel and be confused when there are — suddenly!! — other buttons to toggle and tap. If you want more gambling flexibility, you have to pinpoint providers that make games with advanced control panels to let you adjust this and that. Some providers, in turn, make games with standard controls. 

The gaming experience component 

Even though gamblers prioritize money-making, we should remember casual gamers who like other things in a crypto casino game. Things like graphics, music, aesthetics, ambiance, etc., remain relevant because crypto casino games are entertainment first and foremost. 

All crypto gambling game providers have different styles. Hence, you can expect specific settings from this or that game creator. For instance, one game studio makes stunning slots with interesting storylines and likable characters. Another software creator will make classic games with minimum decorations but focus on functionality. 

Other aspects 

Gamblers can predict how a crypto casino game will “behave” when they know the provider. Pinpointing patterns and facts lets you estimate the risk and make wiser gambling decisions. Also, you should always check which company uses RNG to make all games provably fair and which hides information. In the end, knowing more about a provider lets you be 100% informed about the risks and rewards! 

Like many other fields, the online gambling industry is subject to cyclicality and trend pressures. Some general preferences go away, and in their place, new products appear that are perceived as improved service. 

Popular gaming trends in the last two years are 3D slots, slots with storytelling components, and live game variations. Slots become more elaborate, bright, and complex regarding the story. Some game series (like the Rich Wilde series) can show one character’s journey. There are even comic pieces about that character! 

Some online players, in turn, need more of the element of a real casino and human interaction while playing. A crypto casino might become a social hub where players can meet, find new Poker pals, and enjoy games like old-good Craps or the epic Monopoly together. Hence, gamblers can expect only more multiplayer crypto casino games with advanced graphics, professional live dealers, and room for socialization. 

Cryptocurrencies continue to be relevant in casinos and have become more popular over time. From the perspective of an online gambling service provider, this type of financial relationship has three positive qualities: 

  • A very large list of assets that can act as a source of value transfer to casinos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, BNB, Cardano, EOS, LINK, stable coins like USDT, USDC, and so on);
  • Transparency of operations, which is confirmed by blockchain;
  • Less formal and still 100% legal adaptation of casino operations.

Also, the trends of casino software creators can include the adaptation of services to the social type of casino, micro betting, a comprehensive offer of gambling and sports betting, and the adaptation of casinos to mobile devices.

Software Restrictions in Casinos

Why do crypto casinos have games you cannot play? Sometimes, a crypto casino script might ban you from a gambling game. That is likely the country restriction, as some casino providers cannot offer their services to you — yes, solely because of your location. 

Yet, there might be other cases. Casino software must meet the standards of convenience, relevance, and profitability and be a safe source for gaming. The main security measure is licensing, confirmation of the legality of casino operations in a given jurisdiction. The iGaming industry’s popular jurisdictions are Cyprus, UKGC, Gibraltar, and Curaçao.

Also, some countries treat online casinos with caution. That can be the case because of the protection of their gambling industry in the country or principled opposition to this type of entertainment. Such jurisdictions include the United States. For instance, some ok casinos like ROOBet are not allowed in the US for several reasons. The EU countries also have prejudices towards iGaming: France, Germany, Poland, Romania, and the former EU member — the UK. 

If you see a restricted crypto casino game, please do not attempt to break any rules and bypass the ban. That can be detrimental, as you might become the law’s prey or get into trouble of another sort. For instance, a casino might confiscate your winnings — learn more about such cases here. Moreover, such actions create extra problems with deposits and withdrawals. Please do not put your safety at stake. Those restricted casino games are not worth it! 

Top 5 Casino Software Providers

Among the large offer of casino software providers, some representatives stand out for the quality of service, openness, availability, and security of software. The biggest casinos use these qualified providers in the world. Professional assistant in cryptocurrency gambling and sports betting ORBD offers exclusive casino bonuses with the most popular software industry representatives for iGaming.


Playson games
Playson ensures the best crypto casinos have the best entertainment for gamblers 

Year founded: 2012

Number of games: Over 65

Playson takes the leading position in the production of software for casinos. The main advantages of Playson are

  • The actuality of technological solutions
  • The variety of represented genres and games
  • Adaptive designs.

The main products of Playson are video slots and table games. The platform is HTML5, which positively affects online graphics and 3D animation. All games work on Android and iOS.

There are licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, the Romanian National Gambling Office, and the Malta Gambling Authority. QUINEL accredits all games.

Best-known products include Bumper Crop, Gold Rush and Dracula’s Family games, Mighty Africa, Sevens & Fruits, Vikings Fortune — Hold and Win, Clover Riches, Sakura Dragon, Solar King, and others.

Evolution (+ NetEnt and Red Tiger)

Evolution Gaming gambling games section
Evolution Gaming works with the best online casinos

Year of creation: 2006

Number of games: more than 200

Evolution is one of the most famous suppliers of casino software. It has licenses from Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Romania, South Africa, and others. Note that the company acquired NetEnt and Red Tiger in 2020. That is now a powerful team that brings the best games to crypto casino enjoyers. 

Hotline, Gonzo’s Quest series, and Starburst are the top three creations by this talented group. All the best crypto casinos have those because the mentioned titles have great optimization, high RTPs, and adequate volatility. Well, Starburst is a low-volatility game, meaning it is an amazing choice for novices, given the 96,1% RTP.

Play’n GO

PlayNGo game creator
Play’n Go is a 10/10 software creator

Year of creation: 1997

Number of games: more than 100

I’m so sorry for the biased opinion, but this provider is my fav, and I love all games it gives. If a crypto casino has many games from this creative group, congratulations — you have found the greenest flag in the crypto casino world. 

First and foremost, Play’n Go is among those game providers that make art and get money for that, not vice versa. They have long lists of games on specific themes, including fantasy, sports, horror, and many other genres. Also, Play’nGo developers are the software creation kings and queens who give us epic games like the Rich Wilde series (including games about Cat Wilde), Lordi Reel Monsters (an 11/10 METAL horror game), Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra (another personal fav with amazing aesthetics), and many more gems to admire. 

By the way, Count Jokula is among the best novelties of 2022, and it must remain a hit in 2024. Of course, gamblers can play that all for free, making Play’nGo an ideal game creator who perceives gambling as entertainment. That is significant because responsible gambling is the #1 topic on the agenda. 


Novomatic gambling game creators
Novomatic games take up a lot of space in a crypto casino if it is good

Year of creation: 1980

Number of games: more than 400

The Novomatic provider specializes in hardware and software for casinos. That is a major industry player with experience in offline and online casinos. Large-scale development allows Novomatic company to offer bonuses and privileges: technical support and installation, training, and post-sales services. More than 2,000 gambling establishments use Novomatic software and equipment. 

Now the online gambling market uses more than 400 games from Novomatic. Pros include the availability of demo versions of games from this vendor and always intuitive interface and graphics.


Microgaming site
Microgaming makes great games the best crypto casinos do not hesitate to offer

Year of creation: 1994

Number of games: more than 1200

That is another well-known brand among the devs. It is believed that this software provider opened the first games for real money online. But more gamblers know this provider for the legendary Mega Moolah slot. Its payment of $6.3 million has become a record for a long period of the largest payouts in the online gambling realm


Software providers in the online industry are key figures. Many factors depend on the quality in a combo with the safety of their services: the quality of provided games, security of funds and information on the platform, authority among industry experts, and so on. Hence, please never neglect to check for software provider information in any crypto casino you click/tap. Your crypto gambling experience depends on those! And we hope that the next game you play comes from a good crypto gambling game creator. May it give you the biggest jackpot of all time! 

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