Dogami Review — Everything to Know About This NFT Game, Token, and Project Overall

by David Patterson
07 Mar 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

Cute dogs 
Dogami NFT Game Review 2024

Numerous pet simulators exist to entertain those who adore small fluffy companions. Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, Wobbledogs, Animal Shelter, and old projects like Zoo Tycoon are simultaneously cute and stressful because you must ensure all your pets (from kittens to feral wolves) feel great. 

What if the gaming community adds a game that lets players raise and sell their pets to other gamers?…

Such things already exist. The Dogami crypto game is one of those. Is it playable and entertaining enough to be among the best NFT game crypto projects? This Dogami review is the answer! 

NFT Gaming Meaning: The Defenition

NFTs — Non-Fungible tokens — are unique assets that cannot be replaced with another NFT token. That is an art piece, mostly visual, but it can also be a book, a song, and any other form of creative product. 

So, NFTs are Mona Lisas and Van Gogh’s self-portraits in the digital plane. You cannot buy one NFT for another: they are not interchangeable. For instance, you cannot buy “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt for “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. 

Digital art enthusiasts create collections of NFTs and store them in digital wallets after buying them like physical art pieces. And now is when we get closer to understanding the NFT gaming meaning. 

While buying and trading mean finance-centered activities, play-to-earn crypto games let users create and sell their game characters, objects, weapons, and other in-game things as NFTs. Non-fungible tokens in such games become a part of the rules. So, game creators implement smart contracts as code pieces that execute themselves to set those rules and mechanics. 

As a result, an NFT game’s system lets players generate income streams in different ways. For instance, Gold Fever is one of the top NFT games with an open world where you obtain all kinds of objects essential for survival. All those objects are NFTs in the game’s universe, and players can sell their upgraded characters, weapons, buildings, transport, and lands to earn real money. 

There are also other examples. Some games make your unique avatar an NFT. Other entertainment titles focus on characters. Another project will motivate you to build, giving you a sandbox. A-a-and all that is sellable. 

So, NFT gaming means using in-game mechanisms and rules to monetize in-game objects entertainingly. 

Dogami NFT Game Review: All Features Explained

It is time to focus on the Dogami game. What is its purpose? How do you play? How to make real money out of it? Is it even good? Read on to discover! 

The lore 

A small DOGAMI pet NFT collection on display 
Every doggy is unique! 

Dogs — DOGAMI — are literal gods in the metaverse (more like petaverse). The fluffy companions have entered the Earth on a quest given to them by Celestial deities. Even though these errand dogs have faced challenges on the planet, they still have a good-for-nothing dedication to protecting everything that inhabits this world. 

All DOGAMI companions are mystical creatures with the skills to communicate with humans and manipulate elements. So, your DOGAMI is a protector — a spiritual adherent who loves you and hopes you will do well. 

This lore is rather simple because dogs symbolize loyalty in most cultures. But also — interesting fact times — dogs often represent wealth worldwide. For example, wealthy women in Middle Ages often had lap dogs as their main pets who used to be symbols of prosperity! 

How to enter the Dogami universe?

The only way to enter this world of dogs is by purchasing DOGA coins using…

  •, Bittrex, or Bitmart. Those are centralized exchanges (CEX). You need USDT to buy DOGA on them (you can buy it for fiat in case you do not have any USDT). The process is simple, like with any other trading operation. You then withdraw the DOGAs to your wallet and wait for the transaction to be 100% complete. 
  • Vortex. That is a decentralized exchange (DEX). You cannot use fiat currencies here. 
  • The game’s website (direct purchase). The site has an in-built exchange to buy DOGA coins with a regular card. Here is a video tutorial! 

Then you must create a gaming account. All players get a form and must also ensure they have connected their wallet with at least one DOGA token to the marketplace. 

The last thing is downloading the DOGA application. There are versions for both Android and iOS. Yet, note that users who play crypto games on iOS will need the TestFlight app. 

Dogami crypto game: the gameplay (and making real money!)

First and foremost, this NFT game crypto is about raising puppies who are all NFTs. A player chooses a dog, and the system teleports the pet to a room.

A French bulldog adopted by a player 
Smol… and cute!

The small companion needs your attention daily! So, the Dogami crypto game incentivizes its players with rewards that they can get if they are good, responsible, and diligent dog owners. 

Taking care of your puppy

Players earn DOGA coins if they train and help their pets. That is one of the main money-making activities here. The activities are… 

  • Feeding. Nurturing your small puppy is the only way to help it grow into a majestic dog. Choose any edible to treat your pet! 
  • Playing. Entertain your lovely companion with a game! Dogs are social and active creatures. 
  • Cleaning. Gotta stay clean and healthy! Shower your puppy and earn for that. 
  • Petting. Must-do. 
  • Toilet training. Make your dogs courteous and mannerly. Ensure they know where the water closet is. 

To do all that, tap any of the following buttons: 

Dogami controls for activities 
The control panel

One activity per day is sufficient. When you complete a daily task, there will be an icon in the top left corner — a badge with a check mark — signifying that today’s training is complete. 

A Dogami pet who has finished her meal 
She ate and left no crumbs

Of course, you must do that with all your pets. Playing favorites and neglecting other dogs here means losing a chance to get more money. So, click on a button with a dog to switch to a menu that displays all your companions. 

There will be icons of winner cups if you have already attended to a dog today. Ensure all of their avatars have that! 

Features of your Dogami friends 

The Dogami crypto game makes every dog unique by letting you adopt a rare breed and giving your pets skills. There are five strengths your puppies can develop: 

  • Vitality 
  • Intelligence 
  • Robustness 
  • Obedience 
  • Friendliness 

Of course, the breed matters as well. That is one of the properties that change the price for a dog. For instance, the system says there are only 6% of Labradors, 7% of Pomeranian Spitzes, and 6% of Chow Chows. 

The group is another peculiarity that makes your pet unique. So far, most dogs can be 

  • Sporting
  • Non-sporting 
  • Herding 
  • Working 
  • Toy 

Also, all pets have unique personalities! There can be dominant and recessive traits, like in real life. And their colors also may change how the trade goes. 

You can access all details about each dog on the Dogami marketplace. The displayed puppies have a document (like a passport) explaining all their features. Here is an example! 

Traits and properties of a Dogami NFT displayed on the site 
The features of an Australian Shepherd #11773 displayed on the Dogami marketplace 

Accessories for your pets 

NFT games crypto projects are nothing without customization. The Dogami crypto app has a wardrobe for your pets where you can get accessories, hoodies, dresses, hats, and other decorative clothes. 

Customization in the Dogami NFT crypto game
Dogami crypto pet owners can dress up their companions! 

You can see that the Dogami crypto pet has already obtained a hat. Players can also choose a top (mostly hoodies, jackets, and bandanas). Also, you may give your dog a bag. The last this to do in this menu is to customize the house, aka choosing a specific location where your dog can train and entertain you. 

For example, your fashionable Dogami crypto pet can look like this: 

A Dogami NFT pet dressed up
She looks magnificent! 

Note that all clothing and trinkets have boosters for the daily rewards. You can dress up your dog with a particular accessory ONCE a day, and you cannot use the same thing for another pet in your collection. Hence, the Dogami play-to-earn game has a bit of a challenge, but it is never difficult when you have a lot of perks in your wardrobe. 

So, the ideal scenario is having rare clothes and “walking” your Dogami NFT pet to a place that gives you the maximum boost. Suppose you have dressed your Dogami crypto pet with everything in a full set. That can give you a jump booster of over 40% to the daily reward for training. 

Also, limited digital wearables will give you better enhancements (when this feature comes out), but even the basic outfit can be great in the early game. 

Breeding in the Dogami game

The breed count information in a profile of a puppy from the Dogami marketplace 
Yes, you can also breed dogs! 

There are the so-called Love Seasons, when you can find “romance” interests for your virtual pets and breed them. In plans, though. 

So far, you can only adopt a doggy and raise it. 

Of course, puppies in the Dogami marketplace have zeros in their breed count because most are raw materials for enhancements. 


Information about events on the official Dogami crypto game site 
No major events so far, huh? 

Despite impressive statistics and many active players, the Dogami NFT game project is still in its infancy stage of growth. The team promises events that let you acquire exclusive wearables, and there must also appear mechanisms that allow you to use DOGA coins to obtain limited content pieces. 

Still, there are already teasers and announcements on Dogami Twitter! 

DOGA NFT game event announcement 
DOGA NFT races are one of the events that can take place in the game 

Is this crypto gaming product for casual players? 

Blockchain games can often be challenging and incentivize players to upgrade their characters daily to win battles and explore deadly thickets. Yet, the Dogami blockchain game is easy and casual player-friendly. 

This dog-owning simulator does not have difficulties like Tamagochi. The play-to-earn game does not have mechanisms to make your pets thirsty, sad, and lonely. Your small friends always feel good, and activities in this NFT game exist only to let you earn rewards. 

Visiting your crypto game pet daily is advisable because you get prizes for nurturing, playing, and teaching it. Given that getting the Dogami coin for that takes a couple of taps, I can say that this game is novice-friendly and can be perfect for casual gamers. No events can make you lose your Dogami NFT or money (except for market volatility, of course). 

What devices are the best for the Dogami game? 

All the best play-to-earn crypto games have good optimization for all devices. Moreover, the gaming community is going mobile! So, can you earn DOGA crypto playing on all devices? 

The Dogami NFT game is perfectly optimized for iOS and Android. Yet, the NFT gaming crypto product can run on mobiles within an app ONLY, even though the Dogami marketplace is web-based and better optimized for PCs. 

So, your phone or tablet will do for this play-to-earn game, but your PC here is good only for accessing the Dogami marketplace. 

The game’s TRUE purposes

Play-to-earn crypto games mostly exist for entertainment and incentivizing gaming enthusiasts to buy a token. 

You must also purchase a Dogami token to play with virtual pets, but the real motivation of the developing team is promoting… charity, eco-lifestyle, and inclusivity! 

Charity work 

The Dogami NFT game creators 
Some play-to-earn games help the world greatly, and Dogamis is one of those! 

The team has donated $50K to the Best Friends Animal Society (the main office is in Utah), which specializes in help for pets in the US. The organization saves cats, dogs, bunnies, salamanders, and almost every living being that walks on this planet with humans. The organization has a lifesaving center, strives to find homes for all pets, and forms teams that save animals or accumulate resources for their rescue. 

Reminds you of anything? The NFT game’s lore is also about that! 

So, no wonder the Dogami NFT game team has created a charity-centered game with a theme of adopting pets and growing them to ensure they can find a great home in someone else’s collection. 

The NFT game team also says that help for the Best Friends Animal Society is only one step towards global changes. Animal welfare is the #1 priority for them, and the developers work to make it a worldwide project. 

Sustainability for the sake of good ecology 

The Dogami NFT game partners with Tezos blockchain, striving to reduce the carbon footprint. Trading DOGA crypto and other transactions with DOGA token money consumes 1000K less energy than Bitcoin operations. So, acquiring DOGA crypto coins means contributing to a more sustainable and healthier future. 

Inclusivity is included (but not explained yet) 

It is a rarity when blockchain games provide features to ensure player inclusivity. The Dogami crypto game team says there is inclusivity in the project, and it will make our world a better place, and so on and so forth. 

As a concept — yes, 100% true, inclusivity is needed, and it is a must ALL video game creators must consider (I’m not talking about NFT gaming only). Still, no information exists about how inclusivity shows itself in the Dogami play-to-earn game. 

Still, the best play-to-earn crypto games cannot be created in one year. We must monitor this project to see if this component will be presented in the gameplay. 

What About the DOGA Crypto Token?

DOGA crypto token 
The DOGA token 

Dogami crypto assets have been in the reds for a long period, like many other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the crypto market is still recovering, and many assets face challenges. Nevertheless, the DOGA coin does its best to grow. 

DOGA coin on Coinmarketcap 
It could have been much worse, you know 

The DOGA coin has never fallen below one cent, and all data is verified. Hence, we can see that the Dogami NFT project is transparent and reports everything. Moreover, there is a comprehensive roadmap on staking, project enhancements, new features, and other innovations that can keep the NFT gaming product afloat. 

You can check the DOGA coin historical data here

Is DOGA crypto a good investment? I say yes because of the team, the purpose, and the project implementation. Furthermore, the DOGA token is cheap but gives you access to a nice game that is still a work in progress yet can become a solid brand. You are unlikely to lose much with this pick if you stay rational. 

The Community

The official website says that over 20K dog NFTs are sold, but there is no information about how many holders there are. 

Let us focus on social media. So, the Dogami Twitter page has over 98K followers and quite an active account. 

The Dogami Twitter account 
Quite an audience you have there! 

The community is rather supportive, and we can see that many users interact with the posts. Not all Dogami news posts get many likes, but there is a stable pool of supporters, including people with unique metaverse projects — for example, this

The DOGA NFT project also has over 10K followers on Instagram

An Insta post made by the DOGA NFT gaming product team 
The DOGA community is mostly friendly and supportive! 

And there is also a massive Discord server, a Telegram channel, and a LinkedIn account where you can see all the employees. 

Overall, the community can carry this project through the toughest times. That is also a soft guarantee that the game will get new features and the office will expand, covering more regions. Well, good for them and good for charity! 

Final Words

Nowadays, technology lets us earn crypto playing games, and NFT gaming products are now diversifying. The Dogami crypto NFT game is one of the cutest mobile-friendly projects and can entertain all kinds of players, from casual ones to gamers who appreciate life simulators. 

The Dogami marketplace has all chances to grow into a worldwide-recognized brand. With transparency, constant activity, solid updates, and a noble purpose, this play-to-earn NFT game deserves to be among the best crypto games we have today. 

I will give this game 8/10 because it still lacks events and needs more high-rarity content. Everything else — optimization, gameplay, and customization — is great. 

Hope to see it grow soon! Stay tuned for new crypto game reviews! 

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