The 30 + 5 Takeaways to Learn from Online Crypto eSports Betting and eSports Overall!

by Ed Miller
10 Mar 2023

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

A person playing a video game 
30 + 5 Esports Takeaways

Any top crypto betting platform has an eSports section, and any enthusiast can now bet on eSports like on any traditional sport. 

The growing popularity of this spectacular entertainment attracts more gamers who prefer to be viewers rather than players. And here are the 30 + 5 takeaways from online crypto eSports betting and the industry performance overall to pinpoint. 

General Takeaways 2020–2024

eSports event held on a stadium 
eSports event held on a stadium 

1. Crypto betting on eSports is principally different from conventional bets, but both are equally relevant. Thus, one cryptocurrency betting activity should never be considered a lesser one. 

2. Both traditional and digital sports belong to stadiums. 

3. eSports event participants are real sportspeople. Every eSports fan is a real sports fan. Any eSports bet is a valid wager that can bring you profits and requires planning, money management, and strategizing. 

4. Any videogame can become an event for crypto betting. That title does not have to be EA’s FIFA. It does not have to be sports-centered. Any game that allows a form of competition is valid for eSports — from Overwatch to building houses in the Sims within a time limit. 

5. The most popular eSports events with the top crypto bets are tied to 

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Rainbow Six Siege 
  • Valorant 
  • Fortnite etc. 

6. eSports started thriving during the 2020 COVID quarantine, but the community should have started appreciating it earlier. Cryptocurrency bets on eSports are as rewarding as “real” (offline) bets, and a sports show in the digital plane is as entertaining as any other on the field. Virtual fans are real fans! 

7. Massive cryptobetting online and Internet-based sports entertainment has led to interesting partnerships. For instance, MLB had a partnership with Sony and held an epic tournament online, which was one of the breakthroughs in the conventional sports sphere. We can expect more collaborations and partnerships like that, meaning there will be only more grand and memorable events! 

8. Racing eSports has become more popular, as many cryptocurrency bets are placed on such tournaments. Sim racing games like Dirt Rally 2.0 and Gran Turismo 7 open a new world of possibilities for crypto betting enthusiasts who prefer spectacular sporting events like Formula One and NTT IndyCar. Yet, most cryptobetting sites still neglect this opportunity for gamblers and stick to the “classics.”

9. Decentralized sports betting has allowed more fans to unite and ensure their freedom of interests and hobbies. With decentralization, any fan can now bet on eSports with guarantees of 

  • Anonymity 
  • Security 
  • Fast payouts 
  • Minimum or null fees and hidden commissions
  • Transparent crypto betting experience 
  • Enhanced odds 
  • And better bonuses. 

10. Cryptocurrency bets have substantially changed how crypto bet sites accept payments. The best crypto-betting sites diversify their payment methods to ensure fans can bet on eSports with the most convenient and secure coins, including altcoins. 

Today, crypto-betting sites work with Dogecoin, Litecoin, XPR, Polygon, Cardano, Tron, Shiba Inu, Stellar, Hedera, and many other assets that used to be ignored. That will only increase diversity, contributing to financial freedom and decentralization. 

Takeaways Regarding Crypto Sportsbooks

A person using their tablet outdoors 
Takeaways Regarding Crypto Sportsbooks

11. Cryptocurrency betting sites are a practical solution for those who love sports and want to bet but cannot due to country restrictions and other challenges. 

Decentralized cryptocurrency betting sites and sports betting smart contract dApps give eSports betting enthusiasts privileges, convenience, and protection regular betting websites cannot provide. So, using dApps to bet on eSports unlocks the following for you: 

  • No more monitoring by third parties! Some blockchain-based programs can still be centralized, but most applications are not under control by third parties like governmental institutions or banks. 
  • Faster transactions! Decentralized sports betting does not have a finance-controlling authority and middle people between bookmakers and bettors. Hence, most transactions are P2P. All blockchain operations are fast, as most system process transactions in around ten minutes (if we talk about blocks), and validators ensure everything is correct. You will receive your money as soon as possible. 
  • Minimal fees! Any crypto betting game gives you rewards not gorged up by commissions. There might still be minimum fees (and, of course, gas fees), but bettors receive the maximum they can get from a sportsbook with every withdrawal. Traditional bookies, in turn, still oblige betting enthusiasts to pay additional fees. 

12. Almost any crypto betting platform lets you stay anonymous. Anonymity on the Internet is crucial, and it is always best to choose crypto betting sites that let you remain incognito. 

Bettors must still provide their data on age because even decentralized sports betting only provides services to players over eighteen. Nevertheless, you can stay “faceless” and enjoy your hobby to the maximum without the risks of being tracked down. 

13. Promotions are getting better. Cryptocurrency betting sites are a new “trend” that has been around for over seven years, but there is still room for growth. They all strive to form a solid base of permanent fans that use this bookie only. That is why we see the contrast between regular and crypto-centered promotions: 

Regular (fiat)Crypto 
Only some players are eligible for that bonus (as a rule, due to country restrictions).First deposit boosts for sports stay between 30 and 50%.Reload bonuses give you around 10–25%Most promotions are still casino-centered, and sports fans have a limited number of options.T&Cs tend to be tight and complexify the process of obtaining a bonus. Decentralization lets you acquire bonuses with fewer challenges. First crypto deposit boosts give you from 30 to 100% and more. Reload bonus diversity ensures you can claim a better-optimized perk for your betting style. There are more free cryptocurrency bets. Cashback (if any) on a cryptobetting site is always better (enhanced return percent and more time to claim it). More event-centered promotions exist when you want to place an eSports bet on a big game. 

14. Odds are getting enhanced. Any crypto-betting platform wants to be the flagship of eSports betting. So, no wonder that such websites create skyrocketing odds. Sure, that is to attract you. Still, who says you cannot take advantage here? 

If you need help comprehending the odds systems, here are the betting odds explained

15. Transparency is a must. Cryptobetting has been transparent from the very start, as every bettor can check the transactions. 

16. Cryptocurrency betting sites are not interested in cheating. This point is the logical extension of the previous one. Any site is better off letting you place an eSports bet and get everything transparently. Because a crypto betting platform might not survive a reputation problem, they focus on providing fair and enjoyable services. 

17. It becomes only easier and more convenient to bet on eSports. Online cryptocurrency betting lets us ALL access a crypto betting platform we prefer. That is doable regardless of where you are and your device. 

18. Сryptocurrency betting sites implement technologies that help bettors/gamblers with challenges control their sessions. Those mechanisms work for eSports betting activities as well. So, such sites will help you control how much you spend and remind you of responsible betting/gambling rules to ensure you stay safe. 

19. Not every crypto betting platform is fair, though. Сryptocurrency betting sites can often be unfair regarding payouts and might have unbalanced T&Cs. A license does not guarantee that your eSport bet is safe and will bring you money. 

20. The eSports betting business system and sector are still growing, but we can already see that legit gambling/betting brands focus on creating services that bring bettors profits and benefits. Of course, the main motivation is making more money, but bettors may still use enhanced services to maximize their chances of making their hobby more profitable. 

Regarding eSports Future

21. The growing market is the field for innovation. 

22. eSports is as epic as traditional sports, but the e-betting sector and PC game sports field are still in the infancy stage of their development. Given that this sports and betting sector has started off so grand, we can expect industry-changing novelties, formats, and events. 

23. eSports crypto betting sites and game shows promote this type of spectacles and entertainment globally. More people now consider themselves fans of sports. 

24. The Spectator culture becomes more solid. We see more people that do not play games but prefer to watch sessions. Such popularization leads to the creation of more accessible entertainment opportunities for all audiences. 

There were 540 million fans spectating eSports events in 2024, according to DemandSage

25. According to MarketWatch, this market is expected to be worth 2.5 billion by 2028. Still, there are other predictions. For instance, Fortune: Business Insights says the market will reach 5.48 billion in 2029. 

26. Cryptocurrency-staking sports fans are getting free from labels, as an eSports bet is not associated with gambling addiction immediately. 

Finally, we are seeing a shift in interpreting gambling activities: sports bettors are taken more seriously, and the top crypto betting sites are now considered means of enjoying a hobby and not scams only. 

27. The crypto betting game options are diversifying. In the near past, we had only Dota 2 and one-two additional sporting events to bet on in the frame of eSports. Today, an average crypto betting platform with eSports offers over five games, which is the bare minimum. 

For example! Here are games to place an eSports bet on if you use

eSports games offered by one of the best sportsbooks 
LoL, Kings of Glory, StarCraft series, Valorant… and much more is not eSports betting material! 

And we will see only more diversity because game creators see the top opportunity to bring their projects to light. Therefore, they create more gaming products with multiplayer modes, recognizable memes, and strategical gameplay because all that is a cocktail the audience wants to savor. 

28. Seasons are only actual for traditional sports. eSports, in turn, are detached from seasonal systems because everything is online. That means we will get more crypto eSports betting events, regardless if there is a snowstorm outside or summer heat that is worse than Hell. 

That also means more yearly and monthly betting events, allowing sports bettors to make their hobby a systemic profession. 

29. The mobile rise! Mobile eSports crypto betting is the #1 choice of enthusiasts and fans. Software developers and dApp creators now focus on providing a top-notch mobile betting experience, while all those sites and applications must remain PC-friendly. Nevertheless, we can see how the industry prioritizes mobile phones and tablets. 

30. Even though you can bet on eSports only if you are over eighteen, eSports fans can be younger. Yet again, returning to the statistics published by DemandSage, the biggest part of the eSports audience is aged between 16 and 35. 

Of course, that does not mean that crypto betting sites should accept players under 18. No, that is not the point. The point is that more people grow up with video games in their hearts, and an eSports crypto betting game will not surprise them. (I expect a healthier attitude to sports betting overall from this because the younger audiences interpret this as shows and entertainment, not money-making.)

But There Are Also Problems…

Ah-h-h, crypto eSports betting is great, and electronic sports are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o interesting; oh my God, what a futuristic fairytale!!! 


The sector also has many challenges to overcome. We will prioritize the five that need a solution as soon as possible. 

Health problems 

Gaming fans, crypto eSports bettors, and electronic sportspeople are a valid and massive community in the world of sports. Nevertheless, gaming has zero points of contact with physical activities. So, gaming is more of an intellectual sport. Here is what we must highlight and pinpoint! 

1. Sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental. Things like oversitting lead to various health problems, but remember that gaming also requires long communication with digital devices. Professional eSportspeople must train for hours daily! And if the US and EU leagues spend 8-10 hours, most Chinese eSports players must sit for over 14 hours daily. Even 30 hours weekly is a lot, but pro gamers may sit over 50. 

That often leads to 

  • Eye fatigue
  • Severe back pain 
  • Permanent posture worsening 
  • Forward head posture (and all its consequences)
  • Decreased arm/shoulder/both mobility 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cardiovascular and other heart diseases
  • And other health challenges that can be detrimental and even lethal. 

So far, the only solution we have is asking eSportspeople to move during events. Yes, they have breaks and can work out or walk a bit. Nevertheless, that is often insufficient. Moreover, such sportspeople often have lower stamina due to the mentioned sedentary lifestyle and sometimes additional bad habits like excessive smoking/drinking/eating non-nutritious foods. 

2. Mental health of pro and amateur gamers is also a great concern. Burnouts are our bare start, while severe psychological challenges are standard. I must emphasize that multiplayer video gaming is an aggressive space, and both professional and amateur players often experience bullying, belligerence, and hostility due to the fiery antagonism of teams. 

Also, gaming sportspeople are constantly stressed because video games, unlike traditional sports, often have updates and provide players with tools/weapons that require a tactic change. Given that the digital space has more dynamism in alterations, gaming pros must adjust to updates and develop new skills more frequently. 


3. Gaming etiquette is often ignored. For example, some LoL players were banned because their behavior was toxic, according to GameSpot

4. The gaming community is often hateful towards women, transpeople, and players of different ethnicities. 

6:55 of that video is a must-see (I shouldn’t have laughed, I’m so sorry). 

I mean… hating on women in games and then dreaming of a gamer GF is… yk…

Massive hate has also happened — for example, you can learn the story of the LoL Sirens. They were instantly met with hate just because that was a female team. 

Then we can see this in an article about them:

A screenshot from an article about LoL Sirens




Also, racism. 

Skepticism towards gambling as a form of gaming and eSports 

5. Gambling has yet to be fully considered gaming, and we are not talking about forming professional groups that can entertain us with a show on a global level. There is still a bias towards gamblers, even though gambling and gaming have the same goal: entertainment.

As a rule, gambling is associated with addiction. Nevertheless, gaming can be addictive too. We need more disputes and research to predict if gambling will ever be considered eSports. 

While that might seem irrelevant, gamblers with a professional sports interest have minimal opportunities in contrast to the video gaming community. The gambling sportspeople are silenced and neglected, and the entertainment business loses a significant opportunity as well. 

Of course, there are also challenges with gambling, but inaction and ignorance will not help that. 

Final Words

eSports and cryptocurrency bets on digital sporting events have changed the industry greatly, which is undeniable. 

Crypto eSports betting is one of the driving forces for innovation, and we can expect amazing novelties and digital revolutions in the entertainment sector. Yet, we also have challenges to deal with. 

We will see new changes soon! So, we all have to stay tuned because the Internet world evolves much faster than anything else. 

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