League of Legends Betting: What is This and How It’s Done

by David Patterson
08 Dec 2022

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image of graphics of online team game League of Legends: assassins, fighters, mages, marksmen
League of Legends: assassins, fighters, mages, marksmen

The cybernetic-driven world we live in eagerly throws at us every new possible marvel that nobody could ever dream of, like, half a century ago. So it’s not a secret you could make a living online. Just writing, calculating, lecturing — you name it. And, of course — what a surprise! — you can make a bet not only on your favorite football club or an F1 pilot: you can place a bet on one of your favorite MMORPG teams! League of Legends gambling is on the rise! 

Just avoid making bets on yourself playing. It’s a bit unfair (and it hurts twice as bad if you lose). So, let’s focus on League of Legends gambling today. The possibilities of betting there are incredible and, thus, can’t be neglected if you’re a real player in both senses.

League of Legends: Overview

League of Legends poster
League of Legends gambling time!

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends — commonly called “LoL” or “lol” — has become one of the most popular and epic online role-playing games ever released. It is easy and fun to play, pretty to look at, and offers fantastic levels of immersion due to its smartly complicated structure and mechanics. 

Multiplayer online battle arena games have been a new black for almost a decade. Their popularity grows, their tournaments are multiplying, and gambling in that cyber world is more than just present. Let’s see where to begin before you place a League of Legend bet.

What is LoL?

images of the champions of the online game League of Legends: Akali, Yasuo, Lux, Jinx, Thresh, Leona, and others
League of Legends eSports betting is epic!

That is a multiplayer online battle arena game where two teams (five players each) fight each other. Their eventual goal is to destroy every other team’s Nexus – a special structure, the primary objective in every possible game mode. Every team begins its journey from opposing sides of the map, clawing its way into enemy territories to annihilate every Nexus they encounter. The surviving team becomes a winner! 

To form teams, players choose champions they will control as playable characters (more than a hundred possible champion characters — plenty of choices, really), and each champion has its special set of traits that determine how that character can be effectively used against enemy teams. So every team has its tactical style. The champions are divided into six categories, which are pretty familiar to those who play MMO role-playing games from time to time:

  • Tank: gets the most of the damage, charging into enemies to distract them from other players.
  • Mage: uses magic (obviously) to support the rest of the team. Mage is pretty fragile on its own.
  • Fighter: just a warrior, getting into close combat as quickly as possible to hack and slash.
  • Marksman: uses ranged weapons to deal with the enemies from a distance and doesn’t usually do lots of damage quickly.
  • Assassin: very fragile yet extremely deadly if used right — that is the priority of the skilled players.
  • Support: heals the other players, boosts them and doesn’t do much damage to the enemies (but sometimes used as cannon fodder, supporting Tanks, or Fighters).

When the Match Begins

A screen-diagram of the beginning of the duel between two teams in the online game League of Legends
LoL eSport betting requires a solid strategy

As has been said, every team begins their play from opposite sides of the map. They gather up to reach the other team’s Nexus and eventually destroy it. When it’s done (if it’s done), they go for the next enemy team and their Nexus, and so on, until no other teams are present on the map. So, when playing LoL, a gamer must slaughter everyone not included in their team to become a winner. 

Non-playable AI-controlled characters are also present on the map, so they have to get wasted too. The maps, by the way, are split into lanes, each leading to one of the team’s Nexus, forcing the players to clash en route to their goals while also being shelled by the numerous turrets placed along each lane. 

Every team builds its tactic path to their victory, choosing the right lane and charging onward carefully enough to win and survive. With every battle won, players earn experience points and gold to level up their champions and their champions’ weaponry.

LoL eSports Betting: How to Make Your LoL Gamble Attempt Successful?

Photo of League Championship Series 2022: spectator seats, screen
League of Legends eSports betting is an unforgettable experience! 

Today, bookmakers offer to make bets on eSports — there are even specially-designed League of Legends betting sites. Some are pretty shady and won’t let you win easily, while other League of Legends betting sites are friendly and will avoid any black-market shadow ways to strip you of your own money. In any case, it’s necessary to be extra careful. Traditional rules of safe betting apply there just fine!

Some truly good folks in the League of Legends eSports betting world offer bonuses and LoL promo codes if you sign up for the first time. Choose League of Legends betting sites offering newcomers the easiest onboarding schemes. No hidden catch — no extra dimes lost for nothing when you bet League of Legend champions will win! 

Also, you have to check how fast the market you like pays the money to everyone winning their bets — you don’t want to wait too long. It’s also great if League of Legends betting sites have a mobile app. Download, sign in, make a League of Legends bet, and get rich. 

Making Bets: LoL eSport betting options

Photo of the League of Legends Championship: game process, spectators, leagues
You can place any classical League of Legend bet

League of Legends offers many fun and profitable ways to make bets, so it’s good to know how it’s done. The game lets you make bets of four different types; here are the League of Legends betting options!

  • First Blood: Pretty simple and neat — you make a bet on a team you think is good enough to make the first kill. It’s entertaining and brings lots of immersion! Also, that League of Legend bet is pretty quick since the first kill usually happens in the game’s first minutes.
  • Match Winner: This LoL esports bet is even simpler than First Blood: choose a team you like, make a bet, and wait for it to outplay everyone else. Easy as can be, profitable, and makes you watch the game until the end (if the team you chose is alright).
  • First to take Baron: That one is a little tricky since you have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team you choose and how good it is compared to the rest. You make a League of Legend bet and wait for your favorite team to put down the first Baron of the match. At least the resolution is pretty quick — the Baron is down, and it is time to celebrate (or to make another bet if your team ran out of luck).
  • Match Duration: In that case, you bet on the match’s time. When the team you like completes all of the objectives (every match has them), the match will end, and if luck is on your side, the exact amount of time you have predicted will appear to be the actual length of the game played. Pretty unpredictable, just what the doctor ordered.

Regarding League of Legends gambling, you can make bets during the match, which has already begun, or before it has begun. There are some differences, of course. In the first case, the bet would be called a live one. In the second case — pre-match one. 

  • Pre-match betting means you must dig into the LoL world to know which teams are good, which can win, what the odds are, and — most importantly — what your chances are at that special match or tournament. One day the team annihilates everyone else, but your next LoL eSports bet on it might be losing. Just remain careful and aware, and almost every LoL eSports bet you make will be successful. 
  • Live betting is a bit riskier, but your chances of winning will increase if you do it at the right time. Remain calm, steady, and patient. That will help your LoL eSports bet to become the winning one! Lots of details remain undetected before the match begins. So, it might be easier to guess whose chances of winning the match are higher and who won’t get out alive when you see the battle unveiled. 

LoL Handicaps

Schematic explanation of the handicap market within League of Legends betting
League of Legends eSports betting has handicaps betting 

League of Legends betting sites sometimes offer handicaps on League of Legends matches and tournaments when one of the teams (or two) gets too good and becomes an obvious favorite. 

Handicaps level the chances and make it easier to bet safely on any team you like with rather even odds. In cases like that, League of Legends betting sites give points to those teams that are not very popular (or, sometimes, obvious outsiders). So, the LoL esports betting events won’t get one-sided, and bets will be placed on different teams rather than on one special heroic assembly. 

The best of three is the most common League of Legends match. The spread is usually set around +/-1.5. The most professional team will get 1.5 points taken off the score when the match is done, while the least popular one will get these 1.5 points added to their score. It may look tricky, but it works.

League of Legends on the Worldmap

Scheme of the top leagues of the game League of Legends: LPL, LCS, LCK, LEC
LoL eSport betting is popular worldwide

League of Legends has existed for nearly twelve years and has already become one of the most-played eSports MMORPGs in the world. Its league structure includes lots of divisions and sub-divisions spread all across the globe:

  • LPL — The League of Legends Pro League is the Chinese premier professional league, which includes 16 teams, one of which is the world-renowned Invictus Gaming (2018 World Champion).
  • LCS — The League of Legends Championship Series: This league is from Los Angeles, USA, and is the main eSports league in North America. It includes 10 teams.
  • LCK The Korean LCK is one of the world’s top LoL professional eSports leagues, consisting of 10 teams. LCK has existed since 2012, and every season in that league is divided into Spring and Summer splits.
  • LEC — League of European Championship: this league is represented by 10 European teams from different countries, holds 2 international titles, and brings the most experienced and talented players from across Europe to every tournament.


The battle between the main characters of the online game League of Legends
League of Legends is a 10/10 epic battle game 

Each year the seasons — or “splits” — are held during spring and summer. As a rule, teams played against each other in their respective regional LoL league, where they get promoted (or not) and relegated. When all the regional matches are played, and the winners are waiting for their fate, it is time for them to qualify for the LoL World Championship — the biggest League of Legends eSports tournament. 

Every year, millions of viewers and uncountable sums of money in bets are drawn to this Championship. There is also the yearly tournament called Mid-Season Interval, where teams from around the globe play against each other, so if you want to bet on LoL, you will be satisfied with how rare the events are (they’re not!). 

The best League of Legends teams today are from China and South Korea, though American and European teams are also pretty great. There is also a huge pool of professional LoL players from Latin America. Not the best option yet, though probably a good option to place bets on in the future.

In League with the League

image of the characters of the online game League of Legends
League of Legends gambling cannot be boring, given the epic nature of the game

It can be hard to successfully bet on a match when you know little about what’s happening. It’s more than hard. It is almost impossible unless you know how to call luck to help you out. So don’t be a hothead; take a closer look at the teams and how they play before making bets. Check the results of the latest matches and tournaments, the teams, their rosters, and who’s the guy who no longer plays. 

Twitch, surprisingly, is a pretty nice tool for that kind of research — lots of players stream their matches online, so you have to check their schedules from time to time to get some pro-level news and also to watch some nice League of Legends playing if you will understand the current state of the game, you will know how to raise funds making your bets right. Pretty simple.

Conclusion ⚔️

League of Legends is truly a fantastic game. It’s wonderful to play, wonderful to watch, and wonderful to raise money on. Regarding LoL, the gamble is not a novelty, and League of Legends betting is a very good way to spend time with fun and profit. Choose a good team, watch them play, follow them online, and not be afraid to place bets. Best of luck with your League of Legends gamble chances! 

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