CryptoBlades RPG Overview: Learn about the CryptoBlades Game

by David Patterson
10 Feb 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

CryptoBlades game cover 
CryptoBlades: the exciting RPG that requires solid strategies

CryptoBlades is an RPG quickly becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency-based gambling websites. The graphics and gameplay are simple yet good, and the team constantly works on new content and features. If you’re looking for a challenging game like Slay the Spire with a DarkSouls-like theme, CryptoBlades game can be an option. Well, can it? Let us explain what the CryptoBlades game is to help you decide. 

In General about CryptoBlades

homepage of the game's site featuring three characters
Start to play and become a blade wielder in the blockchain!

This interactive crypto game allows you to build, battle, and trade crypto-collectible sword wielders. Utilizing blockchain technology, it provides users with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs have unique attributes associated with them that are demonstrated through their strength and rarity. 

Main Features

Characters you mint 

Some characters in the CryptoBlades game
The characters you create

The main draw behind CryptoBlades’ gameplay is its collection of characters. Players get to choose from a variety of customizable swordsmen, all created with the help of blockchain technology. Each character has unique attributes: strength, speed, attack power, and defense ability. 

As you battle other swordsmen, your character will gain experience points necessary to upgrade their skills and stats. You can purchase new characters with Ether or trade them with other players. 

PvP arena battles 

The centerpiece of the CryptoBlades game is PvP (Player VS Player) arena battles. You can challenge opponents in one-on-one duels or join tournaments where the winner receives a reward in ETH cryptocurrency. As you progress through your battles, your swordsman’s rank will increase, and they will become more powerful over time. 

In-game trading system 

Another great feature is its in-game trading system. Players can freely buy and sell characters on the open market using Ether cryptocurrency. Every transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain for full transparency and security. Trading characters with other players makes it possible to create powerful teams and build an army of unbeatable warriors.

How to Play CryptoBlades

Crypto Blades is an engaging blockchain-based game that has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2019. Players battle each other using digital swords with unique properties such as size, strength, and special abilities. If you’re new to the Crypto Blades simulator, don’t worry — it’s easy to learn and play. This CryptoBlades guide will teach you the basics of playing this innovative blockchain game. 

Creating an account 

The first step is to create an account. You can create an account in the app from Google Play/Apple App Store. Another option is visiting the website and signing up there. When creating your account, choose a strong password and link your account to a secure wallet. Once your account is set up, you can explore all the Crypto Blades RPG offers.  

Creating your characters and collecting them 

You can purchase characters and their kits directly from the game or from other players via their marketplace. Each blade has unique stats and capabilities, making them more valuable than others. Make sure to research each blade carefully before making any purchases so that you know exactly what you are getting into. 

Battle strategies 

Now that you have collected some blades, it’s time to put them into action. Before beginning any battle, it is important to develop a strategy. Be sure to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both your blades and those of your opponent so that you can devise a plan for success. 

Additionally, pay attention to the environment when choosing where and how to battle; certain terrains may give one player an advantage over another depending on their blades’ capabilities. 


CryptoBlades character level guide
Character creation page for the game

In the crypto blades simulator, you can create your character and battle monsters as you explore an immersive 3D world. From crafting weapons and assembling elements to leveling up your character, the comprehensive CryptoBlades guide will help you get started game.

Element guide 

One of the most exciting features of CryptoBlades gameplay is its range of elements. Each CryptoBlades element guide has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose wisely when selecting which element you want your character to have. 

The four main elements are Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. 

  • Fire: Great against Earth but can be extinguished by Water 
  • Earth: Beats Lightning but cannot bear Fire 
  • Lighting: Beats Water but loses against Earth 
  • Water: Triumphs over Fire but is weak against Lightning. 

Knowing which element is strong or weak against another will give you an edge in battle!

Character level guide 

Each character can be leveled up by earning experience points (XP) for completing battles and other tasks. As a character increases their level, they gain access to more powerful weapons and abilities. 

The higher a character’s level, the more rewards they can earn from completing tasks or winning battles. It’s important to note that each character has their XP requirements for leveling up — so keep an eye on your character’s progress. 

Weapon guide 

Weapons are essential in the Сrypto Blades game! Without them, you wouldn’t be able to battle. There are three types of weapons available: 

  • Melee weapons, such as swords and spears
  • Ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows
  • And magical weapons, such as wands and staves. 

Each weapon type has different strengths and weaknesses depending on how it is used in battle – so make sure you select the right weapon for your needs.


For those who want an even deeper dive into the game world before jumping into the real-time play, there is also a simulator available that allows players to test out different strategies in simulated battles. This feature can help players become more familiar with the game mechanics before taking their skills into actual combat situations.


One of the kingdoms of the CryptoBlades game — game art
You can create kingdoms in the CryptoBlades game!

Once you understand the core mechanics, it’s time to build your kingdom. One way to do this is by mapping your kingdom using virtual tokens representing each faction. That will help you visualize your strategies when attacking other players or defending your territory. 

As you progress in the game, you’ll start collecting more cards and eventually have enough resources to expand your kingdom into multiple locations with different factions within each location. 

CryptoBlades update

The most recent CryptoBlades update includes several exciting features that enhance the gaming experience. One of these features is the new “Ally System,” which allows players to form teams with other players worldwide. Together these teams can take on tougher challenges than they could alone. 

Additionally, there are now more ways for players to customize their characters with new weapons, armor pieces, and special abilities. Finally, an improved rewards system gives more generous rewards for completing tasks within the game, such as defeating bosses or finding hidden treasures.

CryptoBlades tutorials

The first step in any CryptoBlades tutorial is building your sword. You have to choose which coins you want to combine based on their stats and attributes; for instance, if your sword is as sharp as possible, then choosing coins with high attack stats would be ideal. You can also customize the look of your sword by using special items such as gems or charms.

Once you’ve built your sword, you’re ready to go out and explore the world. In this simulator, players can move through; these levels increase in difficulty as you progress further into the so make sure your sword is up to par before venturing forth. On top of exploring new areas, players will also encounter monsters and other threats that they must fight off to survive; during these battles, it’s important to be attentive to how much damage your opponent is doing so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 

How to Earn in CryptoBlades 

the way to earn if game
CryptoBlades developers presented an explanation on how to earn in CryptoBlades

The most obvious way to make money is by trading NFts for a profit (this RPG is NFT-centered, after all). You can buy low and sell high like in any other investment or stock market trading. 

You should also research what types of cards are trending to know what will likely be valuable when you want to sell them off for a profit. Another great way to make money is by participating in tournaments where players battle each other using their collections of crypto cards.  

How to Sell Characters 

The essentials of seeling a CryptoBlades character: Market, NFT lists, and Stow Characters
These buttons are necessary when you want to sell someone from your collection!

Players can collect and trade digital collectibles in the form of characters, weapons, and other items. But how do you go about it if you want to make extra money from your characters? Here’s a brief introduction to get you started.

Create a listing 

The first step in selling your characters is creating a listing. That will include basic information about your character, such as its type, level, rarity, and any special abilities or skills it may possess. You can also include details such as how many battles the character has won or what items they have equipped.

Set a price 

When setting a price for your character, research the market value of similar characters to get an idea of what people are willing to pay. You should also consider factors such as their level, rarity, and any special abilities or skills they have when determining their value. Remember that rarer characters tend to fetch higher prices than more common ones. 

Advertise your character 

Once you’ve set up a listing and determined the price for your character, it’s time to start advertising it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential buyers; networking is key when finding new customers. You can post ads on social media or forums related to the game or even create an online store where people can purchase directly from you.

Be prepared to negotiate prices!

You should always be prepared to negotiate prices with potential buyers when selling characters. Everyone has different budgets and expectations when buying game assets, so don’t be afraid to haggle over prices if necessary. 

Keep in mind that while there is no set price for any particular character, having a good understanding of the market can help you find fair prices for both parties involved in the transaction. 

CryptoBlades Experience: Pros & Cons

game review
8.8 rates on CryptoBlades game

The game offers users an array of features that make it easy to use while also providing great graphics and rewarding gameplay experiences. Overall, it is a great way to have fun while earning cryptocurrency rewards simultaneously. 

However, users should be aware of some potential drawbacks, such as slow transaction times and lack of customer support, before they commit too much time or money to playing this game.


The program has a lot going for it. For starters, the game has an incredibly robust system with plenty of features that make it easy to use. The graphics are also quite good, making it an enjoyable experience overall. Sure, the graphics are nothing like RDR2 or even Skyrim, but there is still style and soul. 

Additionally, the decentralized nature of the platform means that players can easily buy, sell, and trade their collectibles without worrying about third-party interference or manipulation. That gives players more control over their collections and more freedom when trading with others. Lastly, the simulator also offers great rewards for completing tasks in-game, which can help motivate players to keep playing and trying new strategies. 


On the other hand, some people also have drawbacks to the CryptoBlades experience. Due to its decentralized nature, the game can sometimes be slow when trying to complete transactions or trades. 

Additionally, since all transactions are carried out in cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum or Bitcoin), users must first acquire these coins before they can start playing — which can be difficult for those unfamiliar with crypto. Lastly, there is no customer support!. So if you run into any problems while playing, you’ll have to rely on online forums or social media for assistance.

Final Words 

Overall, CryptoBlades is a great BFT-centered game with something for everyone. The developers have done an amazing job of creating a complex and detailed world that players can explore. The combat system is deep and engaging, and the story provides plenty of motivation to keep playing. Give this RPG a shot if you’re looking for a new game!

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