My DeFi Pet Game Review: Learn How to Earn in DeFi Pet!

by David Patterson
10 Feb 2023

Being seasoned in computer science and having surfed the entire software development stack, David has something to say about how it all works. He’s also well aware of the gambling industry's best practices for turning client-customer concepts into workable models. Additionally, David's zest for cryptos makes him precisely that guy whose comprehensive expertise can save you from unnecessary (and costly!) mistakes.

My DeFi Pet Game Review
MyDeFiPet Play-2-Earn

Play-to-earn games, or NFT games, are among the fastest-growing segments in the crypto market today. These titles have in-game items, characters, and currencies that can be converted into crypto. Like crypto gambling, many players have recognized NFT games as an opportunity to earn money without leaving their homes.

If you enjoy playing virtual pet games and seek methods to monetize your gaming achievements, MyDeFiPet might be your go-to option (especially if you appreciate Pokemons!). This post will review this game from A to Z, including the gameplay, user experience, and monetization opportunities. Read this comprehensive MyDefiPet review to decide whether the game is worth your time!

The Game Overview

mydefipet homepage
A screenshot of the MyDeFiPet homepage

MyDeFiPet is a crypto game that combines regular gaming features with elements of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT. Launched by the KardiaChain blockchain platform, the game also runs on Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, the compatibility of KardiaChain with other networks enables developers to bring the game to Polkadot and Ethereum communities. Here are the blockchains supported by the My DeFi Pet game, according to the whitepaper. 

mydefipet technology
Blockchains supported by MyDeFiPet

According to the website, the game has $1,036,399 registered users, 181,969 of which are holders of 3,332,772 NFTs.

User experience

DeFi Pet features a nice user interface and graphics. 

How to play My DeFi Pet? Is it easy? The gameplay is indeed easy to learn and does not require special knowledge or skills. Compared to other titles like Axie Infinity, this game is more affordable to get started with. 

The support for MetaMask makes the game appealing to crypto users, as this wallet extension is particularly popular.

But, shortly after launch, the project experienced certain technical problems that upset users. In particular, the release of the Boss Fight Feature was buggy — after paying gas fees, users could not join the game. In addition, the project was subjected to a massive DDoS attack. This series of events caused huge anger in the community of players. Does that mean that the creators of My DeFi Pet scam users? No, but the team needs resources and must work additionally to ensure better and more enjoyable experiences. 

History of the game

myDefiPet game models 
The MyDefiPet models. The game has many more NFT collectibles now!

In May 2021, KardiaChain, in collaboration with TopeBox, introduced MyDeFiPet. KardiaChain is the first-of-its-kind blockchain-friendly network in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. TopeBox is a Vietnamese game developer with several successful projects with millions of downloads in the portfolio, including the multiplayer battle runner Thief Rivals and the Sky Dancer game.

Since its launch, the game quickly gained traction and saw explosive growth in its user base in July 2021. As a result, it became the second-largest game running on Binance Smart Chain in that period. 

total users of the game
A chart by showing the game’s total users over time

As of January 2024, the game is ranked 89th on the Top BNB Chain Games by DappRadar.

My Defi Pet Gameplay

How to play My DeFi Pet on mobile or PC? More like, how to earn money in DeFi Pet? 

DeFi Pet offers an extensive gameplay experience with many activities, tasks, and events to keep players active and engaged. The gameplay features include breeding, development, collection, trade, exchange, battles, and seasonal rewards. 

You can buy eggs from the market or get them by breeding pets. To start playing the game, you must buy an egg for 3 DPET and raise a pet. The result will be more predictable in the second case as the newly created pet will inherit its parents’ characteristics. 

buying eggs in the MyDeFiPet game
Buying eggs in the game

Once you have a pet, you can start upgrading its characteristics by feeding it. As you feed your monster, it gets bigger and stronger. To get food for your monster, you will grow fruits and vegetables on the farm field, which can then be harvested. 

You can repeat buying eggs and raising pets until you have a strong army of cute monsters.

Whenever a pet gets disassembled, a spirit appears. You can equip the spirits into your monsters, thereby upgrading their characteristics.

In-game activities like breeding and purchasing assets will cost you additional DPET tokens.

Adult pets can mine silver, which you can use to buy cages and plant fruits and vegetables. Each animal has a range of characteristics that affect how much precious metal it can mine.

Other fun activities in the game include:

  • Battles between your pets and other monsters.
  • Trading your pets or exchanging them for new ones.
  • Passing game quests and missions.

Is Mydefipet Legit?

Created in partnership with one of the top Vietnamese game developers, the project received funding from such investors as Megala, Axia8 Ventures, and Kardia Ventures.

Through the introduction of innovative decentralized financial tools, MyDeFiPet allows you to not only enjoy the game but also earn real cryptocurrencies. Given that the DPET token is listed on several exchange platforms, it’s safe to consider MyDeFiPet legit.

However, some gaming features are still being finalized and implemented. Therefore, bugs in the game are possible. The community expects proper game development solutions from the creator, but overall, this game is a transparent and legit entertainment option. 

How to play My Defi Pet on mobile

MyDefiPet doesn’t have a mobile app; you can only play it through a browser. Launch your smartphone’s browser to play it on mobile and head down to the game’s website!

DPET Token

DPET token from the game
DPET token

The utility currency in the game is DPET. You can use DPET for trade and exchange with other players and to get new eggs, breed, and evolve monsters. In addition, you can enter special events or vote using DPET tokens.

As of January 2024, DPET is ranked 1,415th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of $964,050. There are 16,166,786 tokens in circulation out of the 100 million total supply. The cryptocurrency is trading at around $0.05

DPET on coinmarketcap
DPET token details on CoinMarketCap

Pet NFTs

a dragon DeFi pet
The menu of a pet in the My DeFi Pet game

Any pet you’ve created in the game represents an NFT — a unique digital certificate stored on the blockchain that guarantees the originality of an item and gives you exclusive rights to own it. Each NFT is unique and has no analog in the digital world.

The developers have added an auction market to facilitate the exchange between players, with all major web browsers supported. Once you have raised a monster with outstanding characteristics, you can trade it through the NFT Marketplace. You can sell monsters to other users who have bid for them on the platform. All the information about pets put up for auction is clear and transparent on the exchange.

pet NFT of a character named Tygris, a striped feline-like animal
A screenshot from the Pet NFT website section: Tygris

Pet NFTs are tradable cross-blockchain. Currently, you can trade your creatures through Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. An agreement between a buyer and a seller determines the price for each creature. According to the website, the price for the most expensive NFT on the platform was 5 BNB.

How to Get Started with DeFi Pet?

To gain access to the game, go to the official website, click on the “PC” icon, and link a BSC wallet. 

connecting a wallet
Connecting a BSC wallet

Need to get a BSC wallet? Let’s walk through getting a MetaMask crypto wallet set up. 

From the MetaMask website, you can download an app or install a Google Chrome extension. 

A screenshot from the MetaMask site
Get BNB on Binance 

Next, register an account on Binance — a popular exchange platform to trade the top cryptocurrencies. Once you do, buy some BNB coins.

After buying BNB coins, send them to your MetaMask wallet. 

From MetaMask, exchange your BNB coins for DPET tokens using PancakeSwap. To proceed with this step, connect your MetaMask wallet to PancakeSwap.

pancakeswap website
Connect your wallet on PancakeSwap

Finally, return to the game’s website and hit “On BSC Chain.” Then, connect your MetaMask, and hit “Refresh.” Now, you can start playing MyDeFiPet and winning real crypto!

How to download My Defi Pet?

If you are excited to play this amazing NFT game, you might wonder how to proceed with the My DeFi Pet download. Since the game runs in a browser, there is no need to download or install any application.

How to Earn in My Defi Pet?

Built with the “Play-to-earn” model in mind, the game offers several ways to monetize your play. Let’s see how to earn money in DeFi Pet.

#1 Earning and selling DPET tokens

As you play and complete quests, you can earn DPET tokens. Winning the battles with other monsters or pet owners will also bring you DPET tokens. How to earn money in My DeFi Pet with these tokens? You can further convert DPET you’ve earned in other crypto using PancakeSwap.

#2 Selling pet NFTs (cute way)

The second way to monetize your gaming activities is to auction off the monsters you have raised. If you have a rare or high-level monster, you can sell it to bidders who might need it. As we discussed, you need to invest DPET tokens to buy monster eggs and breed new species. This investment will pay off: in DeFi Pet, rare pets are a precious asset. 

agoran marketplace
A screenshot from Agoran marketplace

#3 Earning season rewards

How do I earn in DeFi Pet with season rewards? Season rewards from the developer are another way to make money in the game. Note that these rewards come with strings attached, though. To qualify for the draw, participants must meet certain requirements. According to the Whitepaper, the first season reward will constitute $100,000, and the pre-requirement for participants is having 10 legendary pets with maxed levels.

Is My DeFi Pet Scam?

Comments about DPET tokens and game on Coinmarketcap
There are mixed comments regarding the MyDeFiPet game and its tokens on Coinmarketcap 

As discussed above, two technically strong teams stand at the origins of the game — KardiaChain team with its in-depth expertise in decentralized finance and TopeBox with its extensive game development experience.

DPET, the game’s native crypto token, is listed on several exchanges, including KuCoin, Bibox, MXC, and others. This fact inspires confidence in the token and the title as a whole.

dpet on coincodex
A screenshot from the CoinCodex site

It is essential to understand that MyDeFiPet is still evolving. Therefore, many features still need to be implemented and optimized to work as designed, and bugs happen occasionally.

In addition, the project faced technical issues like DDoS attacks causing difficulties for users to log in to the game. As a result, some players suspect game developers of being scammers.

Conclusions about the project’s legitimacy are highly subjective since everyone understands what a scam is. Overall, information about the game and its rules is clear and transparent. You can also find information about the game token in the public domain. Therefore, as with other projects requiring monetary investments, you must do your research first.

Pros & Cons of DeFi Pet

MyDefiPet banner featuring many pets 
MyDefiPet game is an interesting project with many positives… and negatives


Let’s start with what makes DeFi Pet stand out from the competition.

Affordability and accessibility

Compared to other games like Axie Infinity, you can invest small sums in starting to play DeFi Pet. In addition, the gameplay itself is easy to understand, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time understanding the rules.

A range of activities

MyDeFiPet offers a range of in-game features to keep players entertained for hours. From raising pets and breeding new creatures to completing quests and participating in battles — there’s something special in the game for anyone.

A great variety of species

According to the developers, the number of different types of pets created in the game can reach 2 million. Such variability encourages exchange among players.

DeFi mechanisms embedded

Powered by blockchain technology, MyDeFiPet enables you to earn by playing. Money-making opportunities include trading pet NFTs, earning DEPT tokens for quests completed, battles won, and season rewards received from developers. 

Customization opportunities

The game provides extensive opportunities for personalizing your gaming experience. You can set the development vector of your pet as you see fit. In addition, you can link the game with health-tracking apps and other tools like streaming music or movies.


Now, let’s look at the potential drawbacks of playing DeFi Pet. 

Security vulnerability

The developers have already put security weaknesses on the potential risks of buying DPET tokens. Given the DDoS attacks that the game has already been subject to, these concerns are quite reasonable.

Bugs and maintenance issues

As discussed previously, some game features are still developing and may need to be revised. Based on user reviews, My DeFi Pet maintenance is what developers should work on. As players get upset, they actively leave negative reviews on the Internet.

mydefipet reviews on Reddit
A screenshot from a Reddit thread

Fierce competition

The number of decentralized applications and networks is growing rapidly, creating huge competition in the DeFi market. Consequently, game developers may have to compete with other platforms, negatively affecting the DPET token’s value.


Can I play DeFi Pet on iOS/Android?

MyDeFiPet is a browser game. Launch the game in your smartphone’s browser to play it on your iOS or Android device.

How to buy DeFi Pet tokens?

Acquiring DPET is more complicated than buying crypto for playing in Bitcoin casinos. If you have a MetaMask wallet, you can swap your BNB coins for DPET tokens using the PancakeSwap tool. Or, you can buy DPET from several crypto exchange platforms — KuCoin, Bibox, MXC, and others. 

How to know if My DeFi Pet is rare?

To qualify as rare, a pet must possess characteristics that are not commonly seen. In addition, they have advanced levels of speed, health, and attack, which gives them a competitive edge in battles. Moreover, rare pets can produce silver coins at a higher rate.


MyDeFiPet is an engaging game powered by blockchain technology. A range of gameplay features, a wide variety of assets to be created, and attractive money-making opportunities keep players coming back for more.

Our in-depth MyDeFiPet review will help you decide whether to put this game on your to-play list. Remember that every money-making opportunity comes with challenges. This game has various issues. Yet, it can still be your best entertainment choice that lets you make money.

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