Top 7 Best-Paying Crypto Slot Machines for High Rollers 2024

by Stephen R. Tabone
16 May 2023

Stephen is a high roller. However, this was not always the case. First, he was a brick-and-mortar denizen. Then, he shifted to online gambling (and we all know why, don’t we?). With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stephen realized how much more it could help him get the most out of his gambling experience. By trial and error, through multiple losses and seven-figure winnings, he finally has tremendous sway with high rollers. Learn wisdom by the follies of others as it will save lots of your time and thousands of your money.

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7 Best High Roller Crypto Slots 2024

Today, online casinos offer a huge selection of online slot machines, which is great because everyone can choose what is best for their playstyle. But how do experienced gamblers who have played a lot of games find something that will be worthy of their attention? Here you will learn more about crypto slots and how to choose the right titles that will suit your level and interests!

How are Сrypto Slots Better than Fiat Ones?

At first glance, crypto and fiat slots are similar, even identical. However, they have certain differences that make cryptocurrency slot machines better options for gamblers who strive to maximize their profits. 

Decentralized payment methods

Of course, crypto slots allow players to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as a bet. Traditional slots only accept fiat currencies such as Euros or Dollars.

Against their backdrop, crypto slots win, as using cryptocurrencies provides players greater anonymity, faster transaction times, and lower transaction fees. Learn more about the best cryptocurrencies to gamble with in 2024 here.


Gamblers who prefer to play cryptocurrency slots always enjoy enhanced security passively. Using blockchain technology and provably fair algorithms in crypto slots ensures the fairness and impartiality of games. That is because all results are recorded in a public registry and can be verified by players. Fiat slot machines, in turn, rely on centralized systems that can be vulnerable to hacking… or manipulated by an unfair casino. 

Better bonuses for crypto slots 

Our research shows that online casino slots that accept cryptocurrencies offer more generous bonuses and rewards than traditional slots. These can be welcome bonuses, free spins, and other promotions that increase your chances of getting a big win.

For instance, a free spins bonus in a fiat casino can give you around 50 FS max for several particular games. In the case of crypto-centered online casinos, gamblers are likelier to get more FS for a bigger number of games. With the latter, there will be better wagering requirements as well. 

Given that cryptocurrencies are still a novelty to many users, casinos strive to attract you by offering better promos — that tactic is not a secret. Yet, who says gamblers cannot use this moment to gain a significant advantage? 

7 Best Slot Games in ORDB’s Experience 2024

When you have a great gambling experience behind you, finding a slot machine that interests you is not so easy. We researched and tested 66 new slot games in May 2024 and hoped to find the 10 best games. In the end, we selected only the top 7 best online slot games for high rollers. Big wins alert! 

1️⃣ Colt Lightning 

Colt Lightning cover
Colt horse in front of lightning
  • RTP: 96.24%
  • Volatility: High ⚡⚡⚡
  • Max Win: 25,000x
  • Provider: Play’n GO

This crypto slot will pleasantly surprise you with an impressive animation at the beginning of the game. This slot does not have much storytelling, though. Just in the intro, you will see Colt’s horse running through the desert and then being struck by lightning. 

Still, such a spectacular beginning shows you that the most expensive symbol. Epic music intensifies and puts you at a standstill, constantly waiting for lightning to strike and activate one of the bonus features that have everything to bring you a legendary win. Such online slot machines intrigue gamblers looking for a challenge and those needing impressive visuals to enjoy a casino game. 

We are sure that this crypto slot will appeal to gamblers who choose slots based on bonus features. One of the interesting features of this slot is Colt Strike. That happens randomly, increasing the number of Colt symbols on the reels and giving the player a chance to win bigger. It also has bonus features such as Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Rapid Re-Spins, and Super Colt Spins (the latter are regular in-game FS). 

You can try the game for free since there is a demo version. But we want to note that this slot suits advanced players. It is worth finding something easier for casino players of a novice or casual level. 

In 2024, Colt’s Lightning is the #1 high-roller game to try. ORDB gives this title a solid 10/10 and hopes that gamblers will enjoy this game to the maximum (as well as big wins!).

2️⃣ 4 Horsemen 

4 Horsemen slot cover 
Crypto slot’s cover 
  • RTP: 94.5%
  • Volatility: Medium ⚡⚡
  • Max Win: 1,000x
  • Provider: Spinomenal

4 Horsemen is one of those slot machine games that can be called simple to some extent since it has no plot. Here you need to play and enjoy the spin of the reel. It boasts excellent dark animation and symbols. The music matches the general atmosphere and appeals to gamblers who love mysticism and horror. 

4 Horsemen gameplay
The design of the game

The game’s setting is the end of the world, where everything lies in utter ruins. War, starvation, and epidemics hit the planet hard.  Generally speaking, the action occurs in a terrible world where no one can survive. The high paying 4 Horsemen symbols are the Gold Rider, Blue Rider, Fire Rider, and Flaming Skull.

Regarding animations, this game deserves a 10/10 despite the simplicity. Every function, from paylines to the big win burst, has smooth animations that run perfectly on any device. Oh, and we should mention that this game is also great for mobiles. So, this is your top choice when you prefer winning money on the go. 

We also refer this game to those online slot machines that can interest you with their bonus features. We have highlighted such interesting bonus features as Free Spins, Prize Box Feature, Bonus Game, and Stacked Wilds. All these, especially the Bonus Game feature, help you advance to get the max win. 

Yet, we have a word about its max win potential. A 1Kx is not the best one you can find in the industry. This game could have become the #1 if there was a better max win significative. Still, this slot is enjoyable, rewarding, and rich when it comes to bonuses. Given the medium volatility and a high RTP, ORDB says this option is the best for novices who want to advance for more solid wins. 

Gamblers can also try 4 Horsemen for free since the demo version is available. 

3️⃣ Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness 

Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness cover
Alice cooper and his doppelgangers stand in the hall of a gothic castle
  • RTP: 96.20%
  • Volatility: High ⚡⚡⚡
  • Max Win: 3,000x
  • Provider: Play’n GO

That is one of these online slot games that have a full storyline. It has a scene full of adventure and plunges into the “nightmare world” along with the legend of rock. As Alice explored the city, he entered a bookstore where he discovered a tome filled with stories from other Alice Coopers in other dimensions. In this part, Alice is a prisoner of his own making, and he must write stories to survive. 

The theme is dark but, at the same time, energizing. Such an atmosphere is created by epic and sometimes aggressive music, skull image, and a dark gothic background. You will love this crypto slot machine if you want your favorite music genre to hype up your biggest win during the session! 

Using this product, our team paid attention to symbols. The highest-paying regular symbol in Alice Cooper and Tome of Madness is Daggered Heart, followed by Snake, Cross, and Spider. The lower-paying symbols are the red, blue, purple, and green skull gems. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols, but the key symbols are not one of them.

Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness has an interesting system of bonus features! For example, Mega Wild and Reality Spins give you the top boosts for a big crypto win. Also, we found the Hat of Madness feature especially interesting. Gather those to fill up the meter and ensure your next payout is much more than you usually win! 

That is a high-quality crypto slot in which it is quite possible to get a big win. However, due to its high volatility, it is best played by advanced players.

4️⃣ Cursed Seas 

The name of the slot on the background of a sailing ship and a raging sea
Cursed Seas cover
  • RTP: 96.22%
  • Volatility: High ⚡⚡⚡
  • Max. Win: 12,500x
  • Provider: Hacksaw Gaming

Cursed Seas is another rather dark slot, but this time with a nautical theme. After playing this game, we unanimously concluded that it has just an incredible atmosphere of cloudy sea travel. The soundtrack is truly incredible and blends amazingly with the game’s design. In addition to calm but gloomy music, you will hear the creaking of the deck and the sound of the waves — ORDB recommends this game played with headphones! 

Cursed Seas is a 5-reel, 4-row grid slot with 26 fixed paylines. On these paylines, winning combinations must start on the far left side of the grid, land on adjacent reels, and contain at least 3 matching pay symbols. A winning combination of 5 matching symbols pays 1-1.5 times the bet for lows and 3-10 times for highs. The game has a regular wild symbol and a Cursed Chest symbol. Both can replace any regular pay symbol.

The crypto slot machine offers bonus features such as Cursed Chests, Sunken Treasure Bonus Game, Dead Men Tell No Tales Bonus Game, and Buy feature. As a result of our tests, we determined that the buy function is kind of unique. Players can activate BonusHunt FeatureSpins, Sunken Treasure, and Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

That slot is for players ready to make big bets, so beginners or intermediate players should ensure they have the skill and self-control to succeed with this crypto slot. Advanced players can take a chance and try their luck because the prizes here are consistent with the bets. A demo version is available to ensure it suits you.

5️⃣ Hand of Anubis 

God Anubis on a dark background
Hand of Anubis cover
  • RTP: 96.24%
  • Volatility: High ⚡⚡⚡
  • Max Win: 10,000x
  • Provider: Hacksaw Gaming

We know perfectly well that many get tired of the ancient Egypt theme because there are already many similar online casino real money slots. Nevertheless, we still included this game in the list of the best, as it differs in many ways from those Egyptian slots you are used to seeing in various crypto casinos. 

That 5×6 cluster title has a dark theme that features Anubis, who accompanies dead kings to the afterlife. It has an exceptionally dark theme that borders on horror. Your journey takes place in a dark afterlife that can increase your bet to 10,000 times.

We think players will enjoy the bonus features as they are varied, fit with the Egyptian underworld atmosphere, and can be pretty useful. Features like Soul Orbs, Underworld, and Judgment are available to you. Depending on your country, you can also use the bonus buy feature. That is worth 129x your stake for the Underworld bonus or 200x for the Judgment mode.

Hand of Anubis is a great crypto online slot that professionals will love. By placing big bets, you will get big winnings if luck is on your side!

6️⃣ Break Bones 

Skulls, graffiti, and slot title 
Break Bones cover
  • RTP: 96.22%
  • Volatility: Medium ⚡⚡
  • Max Win: 3,333x
  • Provider: Hacksaw Gaming

Break Bones is a toned-down performance compared to what we are used to seeing in a studio playing on a 3×3 game grid. The crypto slot machine contains many references from the provider’s previous games. For example, this part has a 90s neon house party style that might remind you of early games like Chaos Crew from the same developer. Accordingly, if you have played other similar online slots, you will see several familiar details here.

Regarding symbols, 8 regular payouts land all over the place, and a couple of extras: a wild symbol, a multiplier wild, a scatter, and an EchoSpins symbol. Three-in-one wins pay 0.1-0.2 times the bet for Royals and 0.5-4 times the bet for three skulls. Wild symbols are dice arranged in a W shape. They can replace any regular payment symbol.

Gamblers have access to such bonus features as Wild Multipliers & Global Multiplier (value of x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x25, x50, or x100), EchoSpins, and Bonus Game. 

This game can also be played by advancing players, which is good news. The demo version is available to try the slot for free. 

7️⃣ Joker Bombs 

Balloons, roller coaster, and slot title
Joker Bombs cover
  • RTP: 96.48%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Max Win: 5,000x
  • Provider: Hacksaw Gaming

This slot significantly differs from all previous online slot machines we have reviewed. The main difference is its theme, which is much brighter, softer, and more positive. It will look familiar to everyone as it has a classic candy theme with which you will find many other games. The Ferris Wheel, located in the sunny fairgrounds, is in the background, the rollercoaster track whizzes past, and hot air balloons hover to the left of the 6×5 game panel.

Joker Bombs has bonus features such as Multiplier Bombs (Normal Bomb, Revealing Bomb, and Epic Bomb), Free Spins, and Bonus Buy. You can buy free spins here without waiting for them to appear during the game. If you decide to buy free spins, you should consider that the cost is 100 times higher than the base rate and has a slightly lower RTP of 96.46%. 

Joker Bombs can be a good option for experienced players, but you should pay attention to the RTP before starting the game, as it is variable. The best one has a return value of 96.48%, although it can be set significantly lower, so it is worth checking out. You can try the game for free, as the demo version is available.

How to Find The Best Crypto Slots?

Finding a quality slot machine is relatively easy, but you must consider certain important details to achieve this goal. Use ORDB’s checklist to find the best-paying crypto slots in the industry! 

Fair crypto casino

To have a quality gambling experience while playing slots, choose a licensed online crypto casino with a high rating. Please pay attention to player reviews and the casino’s place in the rating from reliable publications. 

ORDB has already tested over thirty casinos. You can find our crypto casino reviews here

Well-known providers 

To make sure the slot is fair, check who its developer is. Highly rated developers guarantee the honesty and high quality of their crypto slots. For example, you should pay attention to games from such developers as:

  • NetEnt
  • Hacksaw Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Spinomenal
  • And others.

Learn more about cryptocurrency game creators here: 

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP can show you how big your chances of winning are at the selected online casino slot. ORDB explains how slot RTP functions in its other blog post — learn more here

Demo version

We advise you to choose only those crypto online slots that provide a demo version. That will help you ensure the slot is right for you, and you can also learn its settings and mechanics. That will help you to check if you like its design and theme, which is important for a good gaming experience. If you do not like the slot or it is too difficult for you, it makes no sense to start playing for real money.

Provably fair slots 

Provably Fair is a tool that allows you to check each roll’s result and guarantee you are not being scammed. Provably fair slots are third-party tested and use a random number generator to guarantee fair play to gamblers.

Final Words

All the slots we have reviewed here are of high quality and fair and have unique features that may interest you. However, before playing, you should ensure that your experience matches the level of the slot, as not all of them will suit casual players. They are not for beginners and require certain skills to get big payouts. 

As for high rollers, the ORDB team hopes you can make millions out of these and many other legit casino games. May all the gods of luck be on your side today! 

Learn More!

Cryptocurrency gambling is a challenging way of making real money through casino games. Check out the following posts and instructions to be aware of what you must do to maximize your crypto gambling profits! 

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