Manga NFT: What Is It and What Must You Know?

by David Patterson
06 Feb 2023

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a collage of popular manga characters

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are a new way to collect and trade digital items. So what happens when you combine that with manga art? 

Manga-art NFT is a digital collecting card that can be traded on the blockchain. Each card is unique and can be sold or traded for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 


manga digital art on an auction 
Digital art on IOST-powered NFT marketplace

What is an NFT? 

An NFT stands for Non-Fungible token and is a unique digital asset that can be bought, sold, or traded on blockchain technology. Think of it like a collectible item with unique characteristics that make it one-of-a-kind. It’s different from other digital assets because it uses blockchain technology to prove its authenticity and ownership by assigning a unique identifier to each asset. That makes them easily recognizable and traceable on the blockchain network and prevents counterfeiting.

What is Manga-art NFT?

Manga-art NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that represent manga artwork. It allows manga artists and creators to get compensated for their work fairly and transparently while allowing manga enthusiasts to purchase one-of-a-kind manga art. 

Multiple manga NFT projects have been popping up in recent years, all of which strive to make manga more accessible to fans of all backgrounds and provide ways for manga artists to monetize their artwork.

A Brief History

manga digital arts timeline
Timeline of creation of manga NFT 2021-2022

It first began making waves in early 2021, when manga-style artwork was introduced to blockchain technology. NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that can be bought/sold like any other asset. Since they are tokenized versions of manga artwork, manga fans and manga artists alike, have been able to turn manga into a growing and profitable market. 

Because of this new form of trading, manga fans have a safe place to exchange their art without worrying about getting scammed or prices too unstable for anyone’s peace of mind. The emergence of blockchain technology has allowed artists to connect with passionate manga readers who are more likely to purchase their work and use it as a source of income from the comfort of their homes. 

These days, it can easily be found on several different manga NFT marketplaces, giving buyers the unique opportunity to purchase rare pieces or even exclusive ones created by popular Manga artists.

NFT + Manga: What Is the Use of This Combo?

global NFT market
The report of growing up NFT market 2022-2026

NFTs can be used in various ways when it comes to crypto manga. For example, authors can use them to sell their work directly to consumers instead of relying on traditional publishing channels. By utilizing NFTs, authors can ensure that their work remains secure while allowing them to set their prices and distribution points. 

Additionally, readers can use NFTs to purchase collectible copies of certain works or special editions they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. That allows for more customization when purchasing content, allowing readers to pick exactly what they want without worrying about paying too much or missing out on certain editions or versions of works. 

The benefits of using crypto manga NFT 

Using crypto manga NFT provides many benefits for both authors and enthusiasts alike. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, authors can maintain control over their work while ensuring an immutable record of ownership for each token a reader purchases. 

Additionally, this technology allows authors and readers alike to benefit from low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. 

Finally, this technology provides transparency previously unavailable in the traditional publishing industry since all transactions involving an author’s work will be recorded on the blockchain ledger permanently, preventing fraud or unauthorized access. 

The benefits of owning manga NFTs 

Manga-art NFT has recently become incredibly popular, especially among anime fans. NFTs are a way to digitize physical assets and create digital ownership, making them appealing to manga collectors. 


When you own a physical copy on the manga NFT marketplace, you can never be sure whether or not it is authentic. With NFTs, however, you can rest assured that your purchase is genuine. 

That is because each NFT has a unique ID number that verifies it as an original. Therefore, you know what you’re getting when you buy it — and that peace of mind is invaluable. 


Another great benefit to investing in a manga-art NFT is collectability. The sheer variety of available titles means there’s something for everyone — from classic titles like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto to more obscure series like Axis Powers Hetalia and Genshiken. 

Not only that, but many artists are now creating their special edition prints exclusively available through their websites or online marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. With so many options, it’s easy to quickly build up an impressive collection! 

Investment opportunity 

The final benefit we will discuss is the investment potential of owning it. Since these tokens are limited edition, their value can increase over time — especially if they become rarer due to factors such as age or limited availability. 

That makes them great investments for savvy investors who want to make money off their purchases down the road. Plus, since most digital arts are inexpensive compared to other investments (such as stocks or real estate), they offer lower-risk opportunities with potentially high returns.

What Is Azuki NFT?

Azuki NFT
Azuki NFTs in a collage

Azuki NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are based on Ethereum blockchain technology. They are unique digital assets representing any item, from art to real estate, music to tickets. Each azuki NFT has its unique identifier, which makes it easily recognizable and impossible to duplicate. That means that it will always be associated with its original owner or creator, and no one else can ever lay claim to it or modify it in any way. 

According to Forbes, Azuki NFTs has become the best-selling collection. 

How do azuki NFTs work? 

Azuki is a platform designed to make it easier for anyone to create, buy, and sell digital assets. Users can upload any image or video file as an asset and then set up a price for the asset in Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies

Once the asset is purchased, it will be stored securely on the blockchain, which can’t be tampered with or stolen by anyone else. Buyers can also resell their purchased assets if they choose. Plus, users who want to start creating and selling their digital assets don’t need any technical knowledge — they need to register on the platform and follow the simple instructions provided.

How can you use an Azuki NFT? 

Azuki NFT gives holders access to a digital plane that lets them create digital artwork, games, music, and more — in other words, you enter the so-called Garden, where you and other holders create a unique decentralized future together.

The most popular use for this NFT is in art markets; artists often use them to sell their work directly to buyers without needing to go through an intermediary.

How to Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens?

How to purchase a manga NFT for a consumer

All you need is a crypto wallet and manga NFT marketplace access. You’ll be able to browse and buy from a large range of digital pieces, including limited edition artworks, music videos, and exclusive items created by artists backed with blockchain certificates. 

With the soaring popularity of crypto-related products and services, these digital collectibles have increased in value drastically over the last couple of years. That means it’s a great way to invest your hard-earned money into something that only goes up in value. In addition, there are even incentives and rewards available on some websites. 

How to sell manga art NFT for artists

If you’re looking at how to sell manga NFT, there are several steps you’ll need to take. First, create an account with an NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea or Rarible. 

Next, once you’ve established your profile, upload the manga artworks you plan to sell as NFTs with associated metadata such as title, artist name, and descriptions. After that’s completed, list the pieces for sale on the platform and promote them on various channels like Twitter and Reddit. 

Lastly, when someone purchases one of your NFTs, it will be transferred permanently into their digital wallet along with proof of ownership from the blockchain network it lives on. With just a few simple steps, you’re well on your way to entering the lucrative NFT manga art market.

Final Words?

While the concept is still new, and there is not yet a standard definition for what qualifies as a manga-art NFT, it can revolutionize how we think about ownership and copyright. 

For artists and creators, this could mean more control over their work and how it is distributed. 

For collectors, it could mean having access to rare and unique items unavailable elsewhere. 

Only time will tell what impact it will have on the world, but one thing is certain: they are an exciting new development in blockchain technology.

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