Everything About Casino Cashback: Learn This Before Claiming! 

by Ed Miller
17 Mar 2023

Ed had dived into the cryptocurrency market before everyone got on the bandwagon. Therefore, his blockchain & crypto expertise can boast of both retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as their level-headed and well-targeted peer reviews. Ed has long realized that the online crypto gambling market would soon evolve into another investment sector for those willing to not only have some fun playing but to scale up crypto assets, too. He did online gambling market research, tested tens of crypto casinos, got a fix on trends and target users’ feedback, and is ready with his insights and recommendations on how to combine crypto business with gambling pleasure.

Casino Cashback: The Ultimate Guide
Casino Cashback: The Ultimate Guide

Bitcoin casinos offer their players many bonuses that require a deposit to activate. Among them, you can find cashback that will allow you to save your money. However, knowing how to claim that type of bonus and how much benefit it can bring you is crucial. 

Here is the full explanation of this promotion, and… it can be more challenging than it seems. 

Cashback: the Most Useful Casino Promotion?

Bitcoin casinos offer gamblers various cashback bonuses, and it usually seems there are no strings attached. It depends on what type of bonus offers a particular casino focuses on and how it wants to attract new customers. 

Of course, the best crypto gambling websites strive to please you in every possible way, and cashback is no exception. The level of usefulness of the casino cashback bonus depends on how important it is in the gambling process for you.

Online casinos are ready to compensate their customers for part of the loss to enable them to continue playing for real money. To do that, they offer players cashback to compensate for their losses. 

Such compensation money often requires wagering or a deposit to be activated, forcing the user to replenish their gaming account again. That bonus is available not only for casino games but also for bitcoin sports betting.

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Extra money is always good…

Casino cashback works as insurance for risk-takers. You will receive the percentage of funds added to the account for a certain time. When calculating, the casino considers the withdrawals of players’ winnings to return the correct amount of funds to them. 

Yet, cashback is only solid when you have a VIP status because that ensures you get more money-back promos with better T&Cs. Regular bonuses of this kind usually give you 3-10% of your losses back, and you might have to wager it (losing more in the process). 

Furthermore, the bonus money cap might limit your reward. For instance, a casino cashback promo code might give you 20% back, but the maximum you obtain is like $50 ?‍♂️

So, players should always remember that their status or rank can limit the maximum possible promotion percentage. Some casinos only make bonus payouts during deposits. In such cases, the only way to receive compensation is to deposit the amount determined by the promotion terms.

Casino Cashback Bonus Types ✏️

Cashback casinos can offer you both regular and one-time promotions. Their percentage may also vary, depending on certain conditions of the bonus. All cashback bonuses have an expiration date from several hours to a week. 

It is important to learn the T&Cs of the service in order not to lose all the accumulated bonuses. When playing on various online casino sites, you can find the following types of cashback:

➡️ On all losses

You get a percentage of your losses when you activate a cashback in an online crypto casino. Nevertheless, it does not matter what kind of games you have played on the gambling site all that time. 

That type of cashback bonus is rarely seen on casino sites. That is because, as a rule, cashback bonuses are tied to specific casino games.

➡️ Losing bets or spins

That type of cashback collects all the information about spins and bets that players have made and lost. With that cashback, you can only receive compensation for the amount lost during the bonus is active. For instance, you may receive 10% back for playing particular slots for a week. 

➡️ On deposits

The casino will refund you a percentage of your initial deposit. It has nothing to do with the amounts you lose during the game. More specifically, if you activate the 20% cashback bonus and deposit $100, you will receive $20 back. 

➡️ Daily cashback bonus

That cashback bonus is the most common and can be found in almost every best crypto gambling site. If you activate the daily cashback bonus, your losses will be compensated at the end of the day. You need to spend it within a certain period not to lose the money you received as part of that bonus. 

As a rule, daily cashback is for high-rollers who deposit over $100/0.005 BTC daily. You can see such a bonus among the 7Bit exclusive promo codes

➡️ Weekly cashback bonus

That cashback gives you more time than the previous one. If you meet all the wagering requirements, you will receive part of the lost money in your gaming account at the end of the week. Wagering requirements are rather important in that case because you cannot activate that bonus if you do not complete the rollover.

➡️ Monthly cashback bonus

Since that bonus lasts a whole month, it is more profitable for players. At the end of the month, you will be able to receive a predetermined percentage of your casino game losses. 

That way, you can get a solid amount of money, especially if you often play casino games. Since that bonus lasts long, players may forget that they have activated it. So you can get a nice surprise at the end of the month.

Bu-u-ut, yet again, remember the bonus amount cap. You can overspend and get only $100-250 back because there is a limit. Monthly bonuses are always better in BTC casinos because there usually have higher caps, meaning you can withdraw more cashback bonus money. 

➡️ VIP cashback

VIP clubs offer players the best rewards, so that might be a good option for you. When you become a VIP, you get instant benefits. So, you can often see an increase in the cashback offer. 

Once you reach a certain level in the VIP status, you will be eligible for up to 50% cashback. That advantage cannot be achieved instantly, but the effort will pay off in the future.

Still! Remember that being a VIP is challenging. Of course, that status gives you more perks, but you have to be at least an advanced gambler to be eligible for all that. You see, casinos often complicate VIP status acquirement by setting rules like

  • You must deposit $300/0,014 BTC and more daily
  • Your monthly deposits must be over $10K/0,45 BTC
  • Your total bets daily/weekly/monthly must be big
  • You must participate in all (or most) high-roller events 
  • A player can only be invited to the VIP club, or there is an application form (but a casino might deny your request). 

Hence, you must spend a ton on gambling in a particular casino for it to merely take notice that you can be a valid VIP member. Is it worth it? In most cases, no. 

➡️ Wagering-free

That bonus offer can also be useful as you do not have to fulfill any conditions to get it. It is quite simple, but it is worth remembering that although that type of bonus does not require wagering, the casino will likely set a reward limit. 

A crypto gambling house will likely ask you to bet and lose a certain amount before receiving a percentage of these losses.

Finding and Claiming Crypto Casino Cashback: 6 Steps

Figure out how to claim casino cashback to save time in the future! That simple process does not take much time for players. 

Each cashback has a certain number of steps that must be completed to receive the bonus accurately. We will provide step-by-step instructions to make it easier for you to use cashback in a casino.

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It is nice to figure out how to get casino cashback quickly

1️⃣ Choose a reliable crypto casino to play

That is the first and very important step, as the quality of your gambling experience will also depend on it. Consider the rating, reputation, and gambling games when looking for a suitable casino. 

Also, do not forget to ensure the casino is licensed and sticks to the norms! Strive to find casinos that have licenses from your local gambling authorities because that ensures you can play there and claim all bonuses without extra challenges. For example, the best gambling website for a British player is a site licensed by UKGC. 

Note! Many casinos have a Curacao license, but not all Curacao-licensed gambling websites are fair. Curacao is notorious for ignoring dialogues and disputes between gamblers and gambling services. Moreover, that is the cheapest license a gambling brand can get. Only some casinos like BitStarz are fair (well, BitStarz also has several additional licenses and an AskGamblers award).  

Your ideal casino should be tested, trusted, licensed, and it must offer a large list of casino games and a decent number of bonus offers (which also include a cashback bonus). 

2️⃣ Register on a casino website

Bonus offers of the casino you have chosen for gambling will become available to you only after you create an account on its website. That is a mandatory condition; otherwise, you can visit the gambling site exclusively as a guest. 

Give details that ensure secure and safe account maintenance, such as email and age, during registration. Depending on the casino’s verification process, you may also be required to provide proof of identity and address.

Note that there might be several verification levels. Here is everything to pinpoint about Stake lvl 2 verification!

3️⃣ Make your first deposit

You must make your first deposit on the gambling site to activate the cashback bonus. The casino you have chosen can accept a different number of cryptocurrencies, among which there must be those that you use on an ongoing basis. The most popular cryptocurrency casinos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You must make a minimum deposit and use that money while gambling. 

In case you seek casinos that accept particular cryptos, ORDB has already found the following websites: 

Most of those also accept altcoins! 

4️⃣ Enter the bonus code (if a casino has that option)

Some gambling houses ask their customers to enter a bonus code to receive a bonus. As a rule, the bonus code you need can be found on the casino’s official website or in promotional emails. Players must ensure they enter the correct bonus code to receive the bonus.

5️⃣ Enjoy casino games

That is the most enjoyable stage! After depositing and entering all the required bonus codes, you can start playing your favorite games. Usually, a casino credits a bonus to your gaming account automatically. However, you may need to contact customer support to obtain it in certain cases.

6️⃣Complete the wagering requirements

Most online casinos have wagering requirements for cashback bonuses. Gamblers need to wager a certain amount before the casino lets them withdraw any winnings from the bonus. 

Therefore, you must read the bonus terms and conditions carefully and understand the wagering requirements and other applicable restrictions. As a result, you will receive a bonus and will be able to enjoy the excitement with additional funds.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cashback Offers ⚖️

Your online crypto gambling sessions can improve if you use cashback bonuses. Their main advantage is that it is available for all categories of users and is found in all quality online casinos. That makes that offer the most accessible for activation, and you can use it at any time if it is in the casino where you play. 

That is also a great opportunity to save your money, as a certain percentage of your losses will be returned to you. That is another chance to recoup and get more winnings. 

The cashback that does not require a deposit is especially useful for gamblers. That may allow you to play longer and increase your chances of winning. Cashback is one of the most common bonuses used by players in all gambling houses, especially if it does not require wagering.

Of course, that bonus has a lot of advantages and can be very useful for you on your gambling path. However, it also has certain disadvantages you should consider before using it. 

For example, you should pay attention to the wagering requirements since, in most cases, you must complete a rollover to get a reward. Wagering requirements may be too high, making it impossible to receive cashback. 

You should also pay attention to the fact that some casinos do not have a fixed return percentage. In that case, your cashback may not be as profitable as you would like. Therefore, gamblers should familiarize themself with the conditions for receiving a cashback before activating it. 

Let me recap that and add several other points that can be game-changers. 

Positives Negatives
Almost all gamblers can get this bonus. You do not have to be a gambling whale to get it. Many novices and casual players receive cashback without problems.Some online gambling websites can set ridiculous rollover requirements for cashback (over X40). 
Cashback is the best casino bonus on losing streaks.This perk becomes good only if you are a VIP (or you must be rather lucky to find a casino that gives fair cashback without strings attached). 
Such bonuses can be “flexible,” meaning you may get them daily, weekly, or monthly. The bonus reward cap can be low, making a bonus barely helpful. 
Some cashback perks have no wagering.You often have to be a high-roller to have good cashback. 
Also, crypto bonuses of cashback usually have better T&Cs and let you claim more. Regular cashback return is usually around 3-10%. 

Cashback Wagering Warning!

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The #1 of top 10 casino fails is not reading the terms and conditions

Before using the cashback in an online casino, you must read the wagering requirements. At best, a cashback bonus should not have a wagering requirement since you have already deposited money and used it in the game. That is the fairest condition that gamblers deserve. 

However, cashback that does not require wagering is not easy to find, even on the best crypto gambling site. Therefore, if that bonus has certain wagering requirements, they should be acceptable so players can easily meet them. 

For example, acceptable wagering conditions are 8-20X. Thus, you will not be in a hurry to fulfill the conditions and will have time to complete them on time to receive a cashback. 30x is an inflated requirement that can make it harder for you to claim the bonus. Such high demands can only be forgiven if the casino offers the best crypto gambling games and creates ideal conditions for players in all other aspects. 

You can also find online casinos that offer cashback bonuses that require 50X+ wagering requirements. These conditions are dishonest to the clients of these gambling sites. Even if such casinos have high ratings, we advise you to look for a better option, as such high requirements will make you invest unreasonably much effort. 

The wagering of each cashback always has a certain “deadline.” You must ensure you have enough time to meet the rollover T&C to receive a refund. It is best to pay attention to such bonuses as daily, weekly, or monthly cashback. The best option among these three can be the weekly cashback since those are most optimal with wagering, time for claiming, and other conditions. 

Since each gambling hub provides different cashback bonuses, we advise you to read the casino’s terms and conditions. It may seem that you are wasting your time, but that is the only way to ensure that the bonus will be useful for you and whether you need it.

Cashback Terms and Conditions to Look out for

Before playing at the casino, players must read their Terms and Conditions to ensure that it suits them completely. That will protect you from unpleasant surprises that could worsen your crypto gambling experience. 

If you are familiar with the conditions of the casino but were not interested in cashback during registration, then it is never too late to check it again. You should pay attention to such aspects as…

1️⃣ Time zones 

Always pay attention to the time zone used by the casino you are playing at, as it may differ significantly from the time system used in your country. Time mismatches can confuse players and make it harder to get cashback. 

2️⃣ Wagering 

As mentioned earlier, the ideal option for players is cashback with no wagering. However, if it does exist, it must be fair and achievable. 

As a rule, the cashback that has wagering is tied to certain games you must play to get it. These games can have potentially low RTP, maximum win potential, and inconvenient volatility levels. That might nullify the significance of cashback because you are likelier to lose more in the rollover process. 

3️⃣ Сashback percentage

The cashback percentage is crucial as players must ensure it is not too low. That bonus should bring benefits to casino customers and not just be to attract attention. Therefore, you must ensure the cashback will bring you a fair amount of lost funds. 

4️⃣ Сountry restrictions

Some casinos have restrictions for players from certain states/countries/regions. These individual restrictions may block access to a casino site and certain offers. Ensure the casino you play at allows players from your country to use the cashback bonus. If not, we advise you to find another option that does not limit the possibilities for players from your country. 


Cashback can be useful with achievable conditions and a fair return rate. 

However, before activating that bonus, players should study all the offer conditions to ensure they receive the expected benefits. It would be best to only play at proven, safe, reliable casino sites. Thus, you will be sure that you will receive a good bonus that will meet your expectations.

If you still have not found a casino where you would like to use cashback, choose the best crypto gambling site with the best conditions for players. You can find many great bitcoin casinos with profitable cashback here.

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